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An Easy, Inexpensive Wedding Shower Gift

 I love giving gifts, and I'm ALL about presentation! If it looks pretty, then I'm happy! I am usually on a VERY tight budget, which can make things difficult when searching for a suitable gift! I like to make up for my lack of finances, by making my gifts BEAUTIFUL and taking the time to give my gifts a certain "wow-factor" for the person who's receiving the gift! It's so much fun!

For this gift you need:
1 cookbook
A couple wooden spoons (or spatula's or kitchen utensils)
1-2 kitchen towels (depending on the size of the cookbook)
Tulle, raffia, or ribbon

All you do is wrap the towels around the book in a creative way, and and tie a pretty bow around it and secure the wooden spoons on there somewhere (I know that's not incredibly detailed, but you just have to do some "trial and error"). Play around and see what works for you!
The finished product:
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Baby Cakes

So, I have really enjoyed making baby diaper cakes and despite what people say, they ARE super easy to make!!!

For this gift you need:
diapers (I never count how many)
and anything to make it cute and pretty (raffia, tulle, yarn, curling ribbon, basket filling, silk flowers, baby mittens...the options are endless, just get creative and try things out!)
you may want a glue gun, or double sided tape...whatever is fine
maybe some stickers or scrapbooking stuff??? 
You could also use receiving blankets to wrap around diapers
or, how about using cute baskets as a layer??

Now, all you do is line your diapers up like so:


Then stand 'em up:

And now you roll 'em up however you can...it's not rocket science folks:

you may have to get creative with body parts to hold it together for a sec.

put 'ya a rubber band around the outside then you can adjust the diapers to make 'em look all pretty:

now, make a couple more cake "layers", with more or less diapers on each layer!!
You've now made it to the fun part!! Stack your layers (I still haven't figured a way to keep the layers "attached" to each other, so they are just hangin' out on top of each other and i'm just careful transporting them), and start decorating!!! Go ahead! The sky's the limit! The world is your oyster!! If you think it looks good, then I'm sure it does!

Here are some final products:

Ring Around the Wreath
I saw this idea at a friends baby shower and thought it was a terrific idea, and am kicking myself for not coming up with the it myself! Of course, I had to add my own unique touches, but the possibilities are endless!!!!

You Need;
A wreath ring ( I guess that's what they are called! I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
ribbon, raffia, curling ribbon, or anything to tie around the diapers
Fun stuff to add to the wreath ( I used books and a little stuffed animal)
a wreath hook

basically, you just fold the diapers around the ring and tie the diapers around the top with your ribbon. Then tie your "goodies" to the wreath somehow...be creative with how you do it, because your guess is as good as mine :-) put bows all around it (use some hot glue if you need to! For an extra touch: hang a sign from the hook that hangs in the center of the wreath that says "it's a girl!" or "Boy!" or "congratulations!" and they can hang the wreath from their hospital door or the door at their house for all of their visitors to see!


  1. I love the wreath idea! I have made quite a few diaper cakes myself and I use a wooden dowel through the middle of all the tiers to keep it together! :) Jaime

  2. Yes, I just discovered the dowel rod!! lol! thanks!! all my "crafts" are a tad bootlegged!haha!

    1. They Are Amazing! I Absolutely Adore These Crafts!

  3. I like your blog. I came over from Storing Up Treasures. I like the crafts. I can not figure out how to comment with my account, so I had to use anonymous.

    -Becky in NJ

  4. So love this blog of gift-giving ideas. Just getting into blogging on Helpful Hints. Personal blog..not so sure of share as yet. Learning as I go. Thanks for sharing this so much!!! Vicki in Kentucky.

  5. Love your directions...just make it work...lol!!! I've never done a diaper cake but I've seen many, a cute one was done and wrapped with basket wrap to keep it together and I think they keep that at the DollarTree. I made my first diaper wreath. I used a wicker wreath from the Dollar Tree...they come in 3 different sizes @ a buck each, it's very affordable! I used ribbon, a large wooden letter, sticker letters to write out the kids name on the letter and 3 small wooden, already painted, critter cut-out shapes. Turned out supper cute and looked very sweet in the pictures of the mommy to be opening presents!

  6. The wreath is such a great idea, and unlike the diaper cake, I have never seen it done before. I'm totally going to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I have made several diaper cakes, I use an empty wrapping paper roll for the center.

  8. I made a diaper cake with one of my friends and she use a bottle of wine in the center to support all the diapers. Then after all of the diapers are gone the mommy gets a treat!

  9. I absolutely love the nappy (or diapers as you call them) cake idea.

  10. Simplesmente linda a idéia!
    Amei seu blog, idéias geniais!

    Beijos Regina do Brasil

    Já estou te seguindo,se gostar do meu blog é


  11. Hi there! I have used a tall baby bottle in the middle between the bottom and middle layer and a short baby bottle between the middle and top layer. They can use the baby bottles when they are done if they want!

  12. I always use a long tube from Christmas wrap or any wrapping paper. Just cut the edge of the tube, in a fringe style and tape it to foam board wrapped with shower wrapping paper. Then I use rubber bands to hold diapers around the tube. Once you get to the second or third layer it's actually pretty sturdy. Once at the very top, I stick a bottle brush down in the tube, and then tie a stuffed animal to that. It works great and it's inexpensive!

  13. Hi I'm new here & am liking a lot of what I've seen. But thought I'd mention that your titles are a bit difficult to read (even for me) as they are in a bright red & your background is a shade of red.
    Thanks for all the great ideas!

  14. Love the Cook Book Gift idea ~ doing it for my BF for Xmas!

  15. This page was pinned with the tag 137 homemade gift ideas... am I missing the other ideas? just curious if anyone can help me find them. Thanks so much :)

  16. Red on red... not the smartest idea.

    1. No, it wasn't! Sorry! I have had such an influx of visitors from Pinterest and I didn't even think to look as this page when I changed my background. I fixed the problem. Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Yes, I love the diaper cake and have made these before and I also have made a towel bridal cake. I plan to do the wreath cake. Now I just have to wait until the appropriate opportunity!

  18. To hold the layers together on the baby diaper cake, Run a dowel down thru the middd, attache your flowers or other decoration to the top and a base on the bottom, that will hold it all together

  19. Thanks for the ideas!! I have seen the wreath and cake done before and they are adorable but I never knew how to put the cake together. I am definitely using the cookbook idea for Christmas presents this year.

    Becky S

  20. I have always made the wreaths. They are too cute and everyone loves them. I have never tried the cake. I also include a set of burp clots with the wreath. So cute.

  21. Cute cook book idea.
    Came over from Pinterest as it said 137 gift ideas??? Did I miss something?

  22. I love the cookbook idea, but I cannot get mine to look nice like yours shown. Can you post directions on how to tie the towel around the book?

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