Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Mind Dump....

I have decided that I want to become more diligent in posting to my blog, and I think one of the best ways to do that is to dedicate Monday's to writing about random things that I have thought or things that have gone on over the past week. YES, I REALIZE IT'S NOW TUES, but I experienced technical difficulties as I was writing this last night!

Here it is, My Monday Mind Dump:
1. I am still pregnant
2. I am a freak show and every time I walk out of the house people stare
3. My feet look like hams
4. I am really excited about making a magical childhood for my kid! can't wait for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Disney World, the tooth fairy...
5. Hopefully I'll be feeding a baby as I watch the finale of The Bachelorette next Monday.
6. I'm "Jonesin" for some Pizza and an Ice Cold Coca Cola
7. We had the rudest waitress at Bahama Breeze on Saturday! Excuse me for wanting a lemon with my water, and I'm sorry you had a total of 4 tables!!!!
8. I had a fun lunch with some of my Barber Middle School friends!! visit and They too have special Monday Posts and gave me the idea to do the same!
9. one of my brothers got his license (I hear he loves honking when watch out), one is starting high school (yikes), one is starting 5th grade, and my youngest sister starts kindergarten...this is a big year for half of the Loccisano kids! and I'm starting to feel old!
10. It is hot, and pretty much too hot to do anything...


  1. Great Post, Girl! Loved reading all of this week's highlights. I see you joined SITS - great way to find other great blogs, leave comments, and get more followers.

    Did you check out today's SITS Featured Blog: Cupcake Dream -
    Really cute crafts!

    Keep those posts comin'!

  2. I'll check it out! thanks for all of your encouragement and blogging help!

  3. I know that you are just a LITTLE preoccupied right now, and may never return to your blog again, but I did give you the Versatile Blogger Award today!

    You have a great way of sharing your thoughts, and I wanted others to find out about your blog, too.

    Read about the award here:


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