Monday, February 6, 2012

My Monday Mind Dump

1. I found a family I babysat for years on Facebook last week and when I saw how big their kids were I immediately began sobbing. I mean, couldn't catch my breath, sobbing! I remember when their daughter was Kidd-O's age!! Time flies. I'm getting old. Where are my Kleenex again?

2. Then, when I thought the cry fest was over, Dumbo came on the Disney Channel on Friday and after the fourth bout of tears, I had to just turn it off. I've never actually seen the end. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to make a KID'S movie about a precious baby elephant who gets made fun of for being "different" by every person who meets him and then he's taken away from his mom, who was only defending her baby, and then left for a rat to take care of should be sued....or shot...or something
3. I was listening to Dave Matthews the other day and I was inspired by the lyric "he remembers being young, playing under the table and dreaming" So that's what we did. Played under the table. That's what we do in our house. We jump on beds, play under furniture, bang on pots and pans, make messes. Life is too short, baby!
4. We had the most beautiful sunset the other night. It was so beautiful I stopped what I was doing to capture it. Doesn't do it justice, but trust me, it was beautiful!

5. Well, the Superbowl finally came! I love it because we are showing winter to the door and all that goes along with it! I can almost smell that fresh cut grass, I can hear the crack of a baseball bat, the smell of grills being fired up and the stores are starting to break out those springy pastels! WOOHOO!! Adios winter and football and fattening dips and appetizers!

6. Luckily, winter hasn't been so bad down here, allowing us to have lots of outdoor lunching!
7. I lost my Mother of the Year Award when I took Kidd-O to his 18 month well visit, only to find out that he had RSV. So, since I'm already out of the running for MOTY, I went ahead and let Kidd-O go down the hill next to my parents house on some contraption. He survived...and don't worry, his daddy was next to him all the way.

8. These are a few of my favorite things right now:
BEST nail polish on Earth: Essie. Hands down, the best. Fo real. 

And my Toms. Yes, they make my feet stink a bit, but they are the best things that have happened to my feet. Fo real.
And to go with my stinky feet...
But this is actually a self tanner that doesn't smell too awful. Fo real.
9. Kidd-O's new favorite hobby...Brushing his teeth. He asks SEVERAL times a day. "Tee...Tee!!!!"

 10. Yes, I love him. With all of my heart.


  1. Wow. Brilliant pictures. It's my first time here. But I read the post as though I was reading someone who I know for a long time. It felt like that when I reached the end.

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the kind words and even more for stopping by!

  2. And we love watching him grow....and you growing, too.

  3. I love the picture where he is kissing the mirror :). And want a pair of Toms so bad it's almost a problem.

  4. I'm terrible about commenting since I read blogs pretty much on my phone these days, but I just adore you. Your posts just always cheer me up and are a ray of sunshine. :)

    Love the pictures.... with your cute kiddo and your amazing photography skills, I'm always awww-ing each one!


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