Friday, June 7, 2013

Home Sweet Home and Things I've Learned...

So. After selling our house in less than 48 hours, finding a new house in 72 hours, packing up our old house in 3 weeks with a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 month old while Mr. Clean traveled for 2 of them, putting everything in storage while we lived with my inlaws for 3 weeks while we waited on our new home to be finished, we have FINALLY made it HOME! It has been a crazy few months, but I gotta say, we've learned a lot of valuable lessons during that time.
1. Shrink wrap. We learned an extremely valuable/costly lesson that moving is soooo much more that throwing junk in boxes and tossing your furniture in the back of the vans. Our wooden furniture can share the rest of this lesson.
2. Hire professional movers.
3. See #2
4. When you pack for vacation or otherwise and you don't include a thermometer or children's medicine, you will inevitably need 3 in the morning. It's called Murphy's Law.
5. When moving your refrigerator from point A to point B, it is NOT easier to keep every thing in it thinking you can just plug it back in and everything be fine. It WILL fall on top of your husband, damage his face and the doors, and all the contents inside will have been wasted.
6. See #2
7. Take a good look at your brand spankin' new walls before you start moving in, it will only take 12.5 seconds for the damage to begin. Dirty little boy hands combined with a clumsy momma and bulky furniture to place is a lethal combination.
8. You will be thankful for homeowners insurance sooner than you'd like when you discover leaky pipes have ruined your brand spankin' new ceilings less than a week after moving in.
9. All that stuff you needed for the 3 weeks in waiting is really all you'll ever need. The rest of the stuff is just NOT necessary...and can go in the basement.
10. See #2.
While we made many mistakes over the last few weeks, I would say it has all been worth it. I am tired and still have some minors touches to be made, but this place is already feeling like our home. I've been in prayer thanking The Lord for this blessing and have awakened every morning humbled by His gracious mercy in our lives and I pray we always remain grateful, content and careful to not squander the goodness He has poured on us for no darn good reason. Praise be to Him

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