Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Big ONE!! An "I Love Lucy" Birthday Bash!

 I have loved "I Love Lucy" for as long as I can remember. It is comedic genius that brings together young and old alike, with it's simple and innocent humor that has stood the test of time. It may also be that I feel like I'm watching myself with every eye-roll or sticky situation she finds herself in. I just love Lucy.
When I found out that I was having a girl it took about a week for me to break my husband down and convince him of the name "Lucy" for our girl. I think we're both glad we did. She is our "Lucy" and goodness, do we love her.
 I think almost every momma thinks long and hard about their babies very first birthday party and I am no different. Some days I'm all about having a party, and some days I'm like "no thanks!!" But guilt usually sets in, and then I just give into the creative juices and let the rhythm move me. I'm actually embarrassed to admit that an "I Love Lucy" party wasn't even on my radar for a very long time. I just didn't think of it. I was going to have a "sugarplum fairy" party and boy, am I glad I came to my senses and something in my pea brain "clicked." This party has been my very favorite event that I've ever planned.
Of course, Mr. Clean gave me a budget to stick to and I think I actually kept it, but I did save a few of my pennies from photography to offset some of the for the little number she wore! I found this onesie from an Esty shop called Whittle Whimsey. And the bloomers and headband I found at a consignment shop. 

With the help of my mom, I really tried to think of little sayings from the show to incorporate in different ways throughout the house...

And it's not a party unless the bottled coke is there. It's ALWAYS a hit! This time I found "I Love Lucy" bottle wrappers on Etsy and they added a cute little touch, along with the paper straws I picked up from Hobby Lobby
I also raided the Valentine's Day section of Hobby Lobby, which was super convenient! And I found all of my old "Lucy" pictures that hung in my room when I lived at home and  put them to use wherever I could. This was the dinner table that I used for my buffet. I took the easy way out with dinner and ordered pizza, salad and rolls from an amazing Pizzaria from up the street, I put out a couple of appetizers and "Buon Appetito!"

A side note about yours truly, I am NOT computer savvy. At all. I know just enough to write this blog and edit some photos. I have no idea how and no patience for typing up cute things and printing them out, and even if I could, I know that my printer wouldn't never does when I want to use it. I just assume hand-write everything, so scrapbook paper, markers and scissors are my friends. I even outsourced her little invitation to my good friend because that was above my pay grade.

The Chocolate Factory was my pride and joy of the party. I was determined to make it happen and I am so happy with how it turned out! I used a cheap, black, plastic table cloth for the conveyor belt, wrapping paper and butchers paper for the sign and I dipped chocolate covered strawberries and lined them up with the cake and a couple of dips for my "dessert" table. It was very easy but really provided a "wow" factor for this shindig.

Along with a lot of scrapbook paper, I utilized a lot of tissue paper as well for pom poms and flowers.
I am so happy with how this party turned out. We had a full house to celebrate "Our Lucy!" I know that this theme was a tad self serving, but I guess most first birthdays are! Here are a few photos of the actual "Big Day." I don't have any parties up my sleeve at the moment, and I am really ok with that!

Thanks for stopping by to read about "The Big One." I know the "Lucy" theme isn't one that could be used for everyone, but I really do think it would be just as cute if any name was substituted in! And heck, I think every party could benefit from a chocolate factory!


  1. So cute, Ashley!! My stepdaughter LOVES Lucy too and has brought a new appreciation for the show to me. You did a great job!!!

    1. Thanks, Kristy!!! So glad you've got some "Lucy" in your life these days!

  2. This is quite possibly one of the most original and adorable parties I have EVER seen!!! I love all of it!! Especially the "chocolate factory"

    1. Thanks, Laurie! That means a whole lot coming from you!!!

  3. My son LOVES I Love Lucy and he wants an I Love Lucy birthday party this year! :)

  4. Hi! Where did you get the "We Love Lucy" logo? I'm working on a similar party for my little Lucy's 1st birthday, and I am not having much luck making my own without photoshop! Great work on the party!! Super adorable!!

  5. Thank you for this blog, I to named my daughter after Lucille Ball and am looking for I Love Lucy birthday ideas!!! I am now going to Hoppy Loppy this week and raid their Valentines Day decorations!! Thank you!!!

  6. Hello
    Love love love the banner. Can you tell me what type of paper you used for the white & how you did the letters?

  7. Oh! Yum! The cake looks so beautiful. I wouldn’t want to eat it. (he-he) It is my niece’s 1st birthday celebration next week in one of the Chicago event venues and I am thinking that I must bake a cake to surprise everybody. Can you drop in a recipe for chocolate cake?


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