Thursday, April 17, 2014


 (Disclaimer: I am not pregnant with number 3. Sheesh, people can't even say a number these days.)

I've been missing this little place. The busyness of life with 2 littles keeps me more than occupied. While I keep baby books up to date with milestones and special moments, it's this place that I can really express my feelings, without the limitations of the fill-in-the-blanks of baby books...and I can include pictures.
The age of 3 has presented it's challenges. The discovery of personal opinions and the ability to express them has edged it's way into our lives. The question of  "why" has entered the vocabulary and the answer of "because I said so" is a common answer. And don't get me started on getting him to eat dinner. Some days are tough, some moments are tough, but by and large, 3 is pretty cool. I love 3.
Along with the new found expression of opinions the age of three brings the sweetest of things. Things like an imagination that runs wild with the finding of a simple stick that becomes a lobster through his eyes, or a tire gauge that transforms into a sword, or a pirate ship that is really this random piece of plastic. I love 3.
Three brings about excitement about the big things like Christmas, Disney World, and Birthday parties and  also giddy anticipation about the small things.  And making little moments seem like big ones? Well, that's what I love! Popsicles, picnics, playdates, leprechaun's peeing in toilets, nature walks, forts,  and night time snuggles. They all rock his world. I love 3.
But I think my very favorite thing about 3, is the love that comes with it. If candy is sweetest, my boy is even sweeter. If I had a penny for every random kiss, hug, or wink, I'd be richer than Oprah. I could learn a lesson in the art of unbridled joy and kindness from my boy. I love 3.
Like I said, some days are tough, but right now, I'm my boy's entire world. I fill up his entire pie plate. I know those days are numbered. I know my piece of the pie gets smaller with every passing year. The ache in my heart just thinking about that day is so heavy, it could sink the Titanic. But right now, I'm the prettiest girl in the world, he will stop anything to kiss me and I'm the person he wants to share everything with. He's my "sweet little boy" and he says I'm his "sweet little momma." His smile is contagious and fills our home to the brim with joy. I just want to push the pause button. I love 3.

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