Monday, July 28, 2014

Celebrating 4!

This week we are celebrating 4. 4 years of motherhood and 4 years of life with this kid.
4 years ago the Lord gave me my greatest mission on this earth, the most important and serious one, but also the most rewarding. Oh, what a joy it has been. Being a mom is a challenge and it is a tireless job. Some weeks are long and are filled with setbacks in discipline, reminders about attitudes (theirs and mine) and unending piles of junk to clean up. But praise the Lord this is my task, the good and the bad. Being a mom has been awesome. Being the mom to this kid? Man, oh man, life can't get any better.
 This kid's magnetic personality has one of the greatest force fields of any person I have ever known. Bar none. He doesn't know a stranger and his smile and quick wit are simply enchanting. If his imagination was measurable, it would reach to infinity and beyond. If his love for life could be counted, it would outnumber the stars. His sweetness is sweeter than all the pies, candy and honey pots this earth can hold.
He has his downfalls and his weird quirks, and there are days that he tests my patience and the Lord uses him to teach me that love is patient, it's kind, it bears all things. But for the most part, he is a bright light, he is the epitome of happiness and a ray of silly sunshine. He is an old soul like his momma and is smart like his daddy. There has not been a single morning in 4 years that he has woken up without a smile, the day may go south by 10am, but it's always starts on a happy note. He is under my foot all day and hates to be alone. We are working on selflessness, generosity and obeying the first time. He is a great little salesman who thinks of any way around bedtime.
I have this constant internal struggle of wanting him to be little forever (futile, I know), but with every new day he learns new things, says new things, and finds new ways to make me laugh. I know watching him grow into this amazing little person is one of the greatest blessings that comes with the job I have.
 I ask him to stay little all the time, but his answer is always the same "I'll be little for a minute, but I'm going to grow up so I can climb ladders and chop down trees and have big muscles like daddy." Wise words and apparently he wants to be a lumber jack when he grows up. 
 Cooper has been one of the greatest blessings and earthly treasures and I can't wait to celebrate him this week. I will be praising the Lord for Cooper and the precious gift he is to our family. 4 is gonna look good on him.

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