Thursday, June 23, 2011

California Dreamin'

So, we are back! We had a fabulous time...minus Kidd-O's ear infection, my cold, lack of sleep and losing my cellphone. I learned lots of things on my first trip West of the Mississippi and I thought I would share some of my lessons with you!

Lesson 1: I'm terrible at adjusting to a major time change...Kidd-O is a pro!Lesson 2: Taking a baby to the zoo is a piece.of.cake compared to going with 9 adults. That's all I'll say about that.

Lesson 3: People have told me that the weather is perfect in San Diego and people would be right. This southern girl fell in love with that West Coast climate for sure.

Lesson 4: I learned that I do NOT enjoy taking pictures of things that don't involve people. But I forced myself to try, and I ended up with a couple that I like.

Lesson 5: Having an accommodating host is the key to a great trip, and we had the best!Lesson 6: The flowers are perfect. I just HAD to take pics, even if I don't enjoy that type of photography!Lesson 7: The fruits and veggies were even more perfect. I did enjoy photographing them because I'm in love with food and I shoot what I love.Lesson 8: I felt that the beach was just for looking and not for touching. The water is frigid compared to that warm gulf water I'm used to and the sand isn't quite as appealing either...But, it is OH.SO.BEAUTIFUL!Lesson 9: Needing to find a pediatrician on vacation is an interesting experience. Especially when the Doctor is wearing hemp bracelets...and is 70...and when you go to get the scrip filled and the pharmacy has to call the doc back to verify that I, in fact, don't have a 4 year old, but a 10 month old...and then for the docs office to tell them that they have no record of our visit 2 hrs earlier. Yes, good times. For the record, we got it worked out...and then I lost the paper work that I was supposed to send in to insurance....I'm still working on fixing that problem-o.Lesson 10: I want to go back. Soon. I did not see near enough, but I'm thankful for what I did get to see and the time I got to spend there and for the relationships that were built.Now off to Destin for a week and Mr. Clean finally gets to join us this time! See y'all next week!


  1. Love the pics! You are such a talented photographer and also extremely photogenic!

  2. So glad you fell in love with it! Next time, you should try the central coast - you'll be blown away! :) Maybe you're a California girl at heart!

  3. Ashley, you are so talented. I loved the pictures. I hope you did not love the West Coast too much...GRITS have to stick together! (GRITS = Girls Raised in The South, for you foreigners)


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