Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Monday Mind Dump...

1. My baby sister told my other sister to"hang on to that horse" at dinner the other night and proceeded to tell her that that meant she needed to have "puh-hay-chence". I love her.2. Here's my new favorite commercial. If I may step on a soapbox for just a tiny second. I can't STAND when people use the "R" word. It hurts my heart more than you know. It is rude and disrespectful to those who can't defend themselves against such slurs! Do everyone a favor and expand your vocabulary just a tad when you want describe your irritation with a "rule/law" that you find annoying or when calling your sister a mean name...or better yet, if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all. Stepping off soap box now. Thank you.

3. Kidd-O has 3 uncles, but they are always uber-busy and waaay too cool to hang with their old fart sister, but when they do hang out with kidd-O, there is nothing sweeter than seeing a boy play with a itty bitty wittle baby.

4. Girly sleepovers are the best (they opted for the floor instead of the bed)......complete with popsicles and bubbles!

5. At this EXACT time last year a bird laid eggs in our fern out front and this year was no different. I remembered anticipating the arrival of my little one around the same time her babies would arrive. I checked until they hatched. And when they did, I cried. And that's when I knew I had lost my marbles.6. OH, I almost forgot! Remember how a few moths ago I was ranting and raving about the Babies documentary??? Seriously, I went on for DAYS about it? and if you saw me in person, I would go on for YEARS about it? Wellllll, I have a new one for ya, and might I say that I think it might even be better than my beloved Babies documentary?! Yes, indeedio! It's called God Grew Tired of Us. It is a MUST see!!! That's all I'm gonna say about that...for today. Just watch it...Go ahead!
7. Y'all know I love gift giving and making them pretty, well it turns out that I like making presents for kids even more! It is WAYYYY more fun!
8. This is what I came home to on Saturday afternoon...
and this is what rolled in later that afternoon...
and this is what happened to my living room. Kidd-O thought it was Christmas morning!
9. The folks that know Kidd-O know that he is a busy little bee all.the.time. A happy bee, but a busy one. Here's his latest adventure....
10.I'm VeRy happy to announce that my BFF will be guest posting for me next week while Kidd-O and I are in San Diego! I hope y'all will stop by!!!


  1. Ok... So your recommendation of "God grew tired of us" was stellar, HOWEVER, you did NOT think that there are men that read your blog, as there was no warning of the excessive breastfeeding nippage in "Babies". It was actually really good, but I wasn't prepared for the assault on my retina's. ;-)

    Watching both of these made me realize something... I think we're missing it in America. :-/

  2. I too am looking forward to "God Grew Tired of Us". I has a class that focused on some work with refugees and we discussed the same group of young men. For another inspiring story along the same lines check out the book Outcasts United
    It's based close by in Clarkston, GA.


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