Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Monday Mind Dump...On Tuesday!

 1. It's Nov. 1st. Do you know what that means? It means I will be playing Christmas music 24/7 until Christmas, whether I get sick of it or not. It also means that some awesome food eating is about to happen, which is exactly why I joined a gym!

2. It also means that I will be putting up my Christmas tree this week...if not this week, then the next. If I'm going through the trouble of putting it all up, I'm gonna enjoy it! No, I'm not forgetting about Thanksgiving. I'm still extremely thankful, but I'm also extremely excited about Christmas, and extremely broke, so I can't decorate for both.

3. Photo-flashback....isn't he getting so flippin' big?! Boo...
4. Lesson learned: Do not carve a pumpkin too early....

5. We had our Annual Reformation Celebration at church this past weekend, and I'm glad we stayed longer than we should have, because Kidd-O won the costume contest!
6. Speaking of Contests. Did you know that my mother lived for costume contests? Yep, every year she would make the costumes a little more grand than the year before and we went to every contest at every square, mall, Kmart, and Toys-R-Us in the tri-state area.... And these are just a FEW of MY costumes-- I didn't even get into what my siblings wore.
A Pizza Pie
Banana Split
Submarine sandwich
A birthday Party
Italian Dinner
7. My mom obviously retired once kids 6,7 and 8 came along. Hence, the costume choices this year:

8. My youngest sister had several costume changes before we actually hit the pavement:

She was a spider, but that wasn't quite "girly" enough...

 ...So then we tried for Rosie the Riveter, but didn't have a red bandana....
 But then, we found one, and all was well!
She could have also been a human Jack-O-Lantern because this child has one jacked up grill!
9. Kidd-O enjoyed walking around with the kids from house-to-house, and he got one lollipop. He loved it. And I gotta say, he was one stinkin' cute owl.
10. One more photo-flashback! UGH! My baby is getting so big....Now I'm gonna go cry into my pillow and beg Mr. Clean for another kidlet.


  1. cool, he won the costume contest! actually that means you won, since you made it!

  2. every flashback costume of yours had to do with food! so funny!!!

  3. I beg for more kidlets too for you! Love that sweet owl!

  4. I love the owl costume! Cute, cute, cute! And I am totally impressed with your childhood costumes. Your mom was very crafty. Love the food theme! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I added you to my blogroll. Can't wait to read more.


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