Monday, January 23, 2012

My Monday Mind Dump...

1. Guess what time of year it is? It's that time when I start complaining about winter, rain, cold, clouds and I begin wishing and pleading and doing anything I possibly can to bring spring here sooner. Didn't you know I had that ability? So, in official protest of winter, I decided to sit outside on the ONE sunny day last week and pretended it was June by wearing an electric blanket.
2. Rain, rain go now! There is only so much coloring and train playing I can possibly do!
 3.The only thing that is tolerable about this weather is that it's not FREEZING. Allowing us to do this:
4.Another "OK" thing about wretched winter is that things have slowed down enough  that I actually got to read 2 books last week and would recommend them to any momma out there.
The other book was called Loving the Little Years.
5. Remember when my grandma bought Kidd-O a HUGE ball pit for his birthday?
 Well apparently that wasn't enough and she thought he needed a tent with balls this my living room officially looks like a child's play place. I think I could start charging admission for people to start coming here. Like, for real. Thanks Gokie, he does love it, so it will stay... for a minute.

And there is still another tent and tunnel that you can't see!
6. As if I don't annoy my husband enough by taking pictures 24/7, I went and bought a new camera lens and I'm in love. Seriously. It creates that yummy bokeh and blur that every photographer longs for.

7. Kidd-O is almost 18 months old. I never post about his current "stats" and new skills because A) no one really cares what he weighs or what words we think he is saying and B) the people who do care (Mr. Clean, the grandparents and me) already know and C) I give you more than enough pictures to make up for the missing info. BUT, I will say that Kidd-O has bloomed so much in the last month that I really can't believe it! I'm learning that he truly is a sponge soaking up everything!! He doesn't say too many words, but brotha loves to sing! Which is exactly why I ordered WeeSing Bible Songs the minute I realized that he was humming the tune to "Moves Like Jagger" (I'm not even kidding) and actually started singing Justin Bieber's "I'm like Baby, Baby, Baby Ohhh." So, hopefully he will be singing "My God is So Big" with the rest of his peers by the end of the week. But, I ain't gonna lie, kid's got flow!

8. One of the best things about having a boy? EVERYTHING is about planes, trains, and automobiles...I mean EVERYTHING!

Kidd-O doesn't have "little people", so Pee Guy will have to do. Don't judge.
A Rocket-ship

9. It's time for new PJ's

10. SOOOO, I'm at 99 followers! Who's gonna be the lucky 100th??!!


  1. So cute!! That picture of cooper's toes hanging out of his pj's is cracking me up!! Miss you!

  2. Funny post. Glad you got to read the books. Ginger's really clicked w/me. And I don't have words for Pee Guy, but want one for the novelty of it!

  3. What type of lens did you buy? What do you shoot!? I LOVE photography!

  4. I bought a 50mm f/1.8! I LOVE IT, but it's taking a minute to get used to it! I shoot mainly children, babies and families. My website is and my FB page is loveLee Imagery if you want to take a look at my "work". I still have a lot to learn in general, but I'm loving it!

  5. I am looking at the Canon 50mm f/1.4. I am glad you like it! I think I am going to have to go for it.


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