Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Has Gotta Be the Good Life....

We're home from The Happiest Place and boy was it a great trip! After nearly 50 trips to Disney World under my belt, I can truly say that this was probably the best trip EVER. Maybe it was the fact that it was Mr. Clean's first trip ever and we were able to experience it as a family. Maybe it's because I have a little boy who enjoyed every single moment. It could be my favorite because my parents, grandparents, and 7 siblings were also there. Or maybe it's that I earned this trip with hard work and pinching pennies. Whatever the was awesome.
It was a trip of "firsts" and personal triumphs. It was full of laughter, dancing, and just some good ol' memory making....which is, of course, Disney's specialty. I really could go on for days about my love for that place and how much fun we had, but I know all you really care about is the pictures. I'll let them speak for themselves! And to those of you who are waiting to take the trip to Disney when the kids are older and they can remember...don't. You will remember and you can always go again. Never treat a trip to Disney as your only trip, but treat it as your first trip...and after 50+ trips, there is always a first to be had! Whether it's your first time with kid #1 or kid #6 or if it's your first time running a marathon...

....or watching your son get his first it and do it again and again!
And if it means you have to eat PB&J's or canned ravioli while you're there to pay for it (which is how we roll), so be it! Just do it! As Disney says--"Let the Memories Begin!"


  1. What a great post! Love your pictures, I was excited to see them!! So glad it was all worth it and you guys had such a great time. Coopers hair looks adorable, he's a big boy now!

  2. Glad you're back! Looks like it was so much fun!! Gotta start saving my pennies!! Cooper's haircut makes him look so big!!!

  3. That really does sound like an incredible trip! What a wonderful thing to do as a family! It looks so special. I hope you can go back again soon! Your kids are too cute for words!


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