Monday, March 19, 2012

Dropping in!

Hello Dear Friends!!!

I just wanted to drop in and say "hello!" Things are starting to look up on the home-front, so I'm planning on being back on the ol' blogaroo more frequently again very soon! I'm not really able to share the details of what's been going on, but I can say that everyone is safe and to answer the #1 question I've been receiving: no one is getting divorced.

During my hiatus, it's been business as usual for Kidd-O!
First ball game of the season? Check!  Complete with fries, sweet tea and ketchup....lots of ketchup, much to my chagrin. Blech.
Kidd-O and his Uncle Vinny. Everyone should have an Uncle Vinny...It's so....Italian!
My super fly sister! She's so cool...we love her!
Sister's got major girl power. Only girl out there!
First Spring hike up "the mountain" with his best bud? Check!

And first Popsicle of the season? Check!

 Thanks for all the love, prayers and support! It truly means the world!
In the words of Arnold "I'll be back!"


  1. Yay! I love your post! And Kidd-o is so adorable! I love the picture of him with his lips stuck out! Adorable!!

  2. man i just couldn't make the picture-cut, huh. ;)


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