Friday, March 30, 2012

In the Weeds....

Kidd-O has turned a new leaf over the past few weeks. He's becoming more independent and extremely strong willed. To put it bluntly--this child is giving me a run for my money! While he is full-o-life, just as I'd hoped, he's also full of curiosity. The "fun" 2's are hitting us about 5 months early. He has played in toilets, fed the turtle LOTS of household items...socks being the main food group, he has found my make-up and has an interest in any type of marker. Yes, the Mr. Clean household has been very busy lately! 
 While Kidd-O is taking after his momma in the mess department, he is also developing his own sense of style. This child loves his rain boots and is insistent that they be on...all.the.time. I don't mind so much. Best 4 bucks I ever spent! 

And as much as I've tried to get him to listen to The Beatles and his little Bible tunes, the kid is all about the POP music. He loves to Party Rock! My boy is crazy, but gosh is he funny. And Kid can blow a mean dandelion....he takes it very seriously. 

Like spit-slinging-serious.....
 Actually, it doesn't even have to be a dandelion. It's all serious business.

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is AWESOME! Lord willing, mine is gonna be! GO. Pick some weeds and release that inner child!


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