Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Day In the Life of a Not So Desperate Housewife....

 Since I became a housewife/stay-at-home mom I am asked frequently what I do with my days. And as any housewife knows, it's certainly not a lot of nothin'! It's always kind of a difficult question to answer because it really is different each day. And if you ask my darling husband what I do, he will likely tell you that I spend my days as Georgia's finest socialite making my rounds to each soiree in the tri-county area, laughing with friends, and laying poolside, sipping sweet tea. To which I laugh in is face. 
 While some days may contain a playdate, they are far from relaxing (can I get an "amen" from my Wednesday playgroup gals?) and often require us to utilize our hawk eyes to make sure our precious angels are acting becomingly, to which the likely won't at some point and then we have to use our many discipline techniques before throwing in the towel and heading home. Or those days we try to go to the pool and this happens:
Yeah, so much for laying poolside, sipping sweet tea.

 And then there are those days when your house looks like this, and 50+ guests have been invited to my home in 2 days.
 And while many days are filled with dirty diapers, laundry to my ears (which will only get worse in the coming years), dishes to be unloaded and loaded, boo boos to be kissed, vacuuming, dusting, sanitizing, scrubbing, washing, drying, picking up, and sweeping, I am convinced there is no greater job on earth!  Truly. 
 While I could complain about how many times I have to sweep the kitchen floor or the eternal pile of dirty clothes (because my naturally messy self really dislikes cleaning), I count it as joy because I get to be here. Everyday. Because, ya know what? We do get to have some days filled with nothing but books, playdoh, movies, pool time, and hanging out with friends. And I wouldn't want to miss out on those days for the world!! 
 There will be plenty of time for relaxing poolside sipping a cold drink, and someday I might get to go to a store without hauling strollers, matchbox cars, sippy cups, and goldfish crackers, but that day isn't today...or tomorrow and that's OK by me! I have the greatest job on the planet and I rarely let the sun go down without thanking my husband for working so hard so that I can stay at home and enjoy my little Kidd-O...and all of those soiree's!


  1. being a stay at home momma isn't as easy (or glamorous) as people often think!

  2. The perfect post for my Sunday reading. I am continuing to adjust to the thought of not returning to work, and your positive attitude is inspiring. It is easy to be negative about the mundane things that make up each day, but I love the spin on how staying at home "allows" us to do those things and be there EVERYDAY.

    I really enjoyed taking a minute to read some of your posts that I've missed out on lately :-) Keep 'em coming!

    1. Thanks, Katie!!! It's going to be awesome and such a great gift you and your husband are giving your little ones! Can't wait to hear about how it's going :)

  3. Okay, your blog is the cutest thing in life! Love it! :) Also, I just wanted to say thank you for the encouragement on my blog today. I really appreciate it!


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