Monday, August 20, 2012

My Monday Mind Dump...

1. Yes, I know I haven't done one of these in like, FOREVER, But I've had a few requests (and by a few, I mean one person) to bring back this beauty, so here goes nothin'!
2. This Summer girl is actually ready for fall, believe it or not. I'm stoked about all the fun stuff right around the bend!

 3. I picked up a hitchhiker a few months ago near my house...I know reeeeeally not smart and once he got in my car I asked myself what I was thinking. But ANYWAY, ever since then, I have seen him everywhere! Walking around my mema's apartment complex, walking around Publix....very strange.
4. Do you remember Monica's closet on FRIENDS? The one where she's a secret hoarder? Well, that's what Kidd-O's closet looked like until I decided enough was enough. I have ONE child right now, why on earth would I have 9 bins of clothing for him??? So, I kept what I love (2 bins) and the rest I'm consigning. I have almost $400 worth of stuff that I am selling this week. Ridiculous.
 5. I have a certain teenaged sister who just started high school and I'll just say one thing....I don't miss high all.

6. I'm 17 weeks pregnant and while those who know me would say I'm rocking a bump, I know that those at the gym are thinking I need to frequent that place more often.
7. If I don't have something to eat at 8pm and again at 11 pm I will undoubtedly be up at 3am with a very angry and empty tummy that won't shut up until I feed it. Annoying...and embarrassing when I'm packing a lunchbox to take upstairs with me for the evening.
8. I think every girl should have at least one friend that they can vent to without needing a solution or needing to give one. Just someone to let it all out...even if it's for the 1 millionth time that week. I have that and I'm thankful!
9. My son has become petrified of going outside for fear of hearing an airplane...because apparently, there is nothing scarier on the planet. It's strange. And when he hears one pass by he starts crying and tells me that he wants to go inside to the bathroom....he's not even potty trained. Like I said, strange.
10. But good night in heaven! Look at those lips....

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