Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Great Big Birthday Post!

 Well, yesterday was Kidd-O's second birthday and we celebrated in a really fun way over the weekend. Honestly, I wasn't going to do a darn thing. I've been so sleepy and the thought of throwing a party slap wore me out and I have also been slammed with photoshoots that I haven't been able to give a party a seconds thought. Not to mention that, with my family, it can't possibly be a small gathering, because with my siblings, and both sets of grandparents, we're already close to 20 people! But when I spread the word that I was skipping out on any party, there was mass pandemonium followed by a guilt trip.  Apparently, I've only thrown one birthday party since I've been a mom and so, it was said by some, that it is way too soon to punk out on parties
Thus, Cooper's Rootin' Tootin' 2's Party planning went underway. I was told by Mr. Clean that I was to pull this thing off on a dime. Several dimes, quarters, dollars, and a small loan later, I had pulled off a party. I can tend to be like my mom in the "go big or go home" kind of way and that was my thinking; If I'm going to do this thing, I'm gonna do it right.... I thought I had stayed on budget, but after further review and a strongly worded lecture from Mr. Clean, it turns out I didn't come close. It was decided that this would be my last party for a while.

So here it goes, a rundown of this Rootin' Tootin' Good Time and how I did it!

I'm not so good on the computer and our printer NEVER works, so I hand wrote my signs.

 The menu consisted of "Bucaroo BBQ", "Silver dollar fruit salsa," "dastardly deviled eggs," "Sheriff's Slaw," "Gold Miners Mac-n-Cheese," "Rootin' Tootin' Beans," and a few other items.
I used scrapbook paper to make labels to go around mason jars.

My kids table was a lot of fun to put together. I bought a lot of scrapbook paper, a couple of mini hay bales, bandanas and sheriff badges. All came from Hobby Lobby, along with the plates, napkins. cowboy hats and mustaches.
 I found these great little buckets from Target ($1) and I used a white paint marker to write their names.
 This Hobo goody bag was something I SOOOO wish I had come up with on my own! I found this great idea on my favorite blogger's website. They were too precious to not use. They are filled with little items from the dollar store.
 I turned our center island into "The Watering Hole" and we had sweet tea and bottled Coke and Root Beer, which is usually always a staple at any gathering I host. People love to drink out of an ice cold bottle!

 I had the "CowPoke Corner" as the dessert table with cake and ice cream with all the fixin's!

 I had a heck of a time coming up with a small activity that 2 year old's would enjoy...soooo we panned for gold. I spray painted pebbles gold and buried them in potting soil, filled up a kiddie pool and let the kids go to town. They used their little buckets to put the gold in.

 The kids enjoyed dressing up like cowboys...
 ok, not just the kids. My dad got into it too!

And that's about it folks, there's the nitty gritty! And let's not forget Kidd-O's long awaited gift: The Bike. I found one for $10 at a consignment shop and Mr. Clean gave it a full detail and it was as good as new. And Kidd-O's expression was well worth the time and effort...and cash flow that went into this party.

And so, another party in the books! Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Looks like a great party!! You are always so creative--even at the last minute!!!

  2. So cute! I wish I could throw an awesome party like this"last minute" haha! yeah right! I would need at least 2 months to plan for something like that.. thank youuuu OCD!


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