Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blue or Pink? What do you think??

We find out Tuesday whether this little kiddie is a boy or a girl! Take a guess at the poll to the right! Mr. Clean is pretty much convinced it's a girl. He won't really hear of any other option. And I would love another little boy! On the other hand, It'd be nice to have a little girl too. But on the other hand, I already have the boy thing down so that would make for an easy transition to 2.Although on the other hand, I think Kidd-O would love loving on a little sister and this house could use some pink. On the other hand....I'm starting to sound like Tevya on Fiddler on the Roof, so I'll stop now..... As you can tell, I'll be thrilled either way!!


  1. Just imagine how much you could really accomplish if you had that many hands??? Then you really might be able to sit on your honey and watch some TV during the day!

  2. Both have advantages and disadvantages LOL They say little girls grow up to be your best friend, but little boys always hold a soft spot for Mom. I think it would be ADORABLE if you had a girl. But as long as you have a healthy baby that's all that really matters right? You have to be excited to find out though. I know I would be:)

  3. girl!! because a Lee girl would be beautiful! :)


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