Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Name Game....

Women and baby names are a very precarious thing. Feathers get ruffled, panties get in wads, and people will undoubtedly have strong opinions when they dislike names. For example, I was 13 when one of my sisters was born. My parents were all ready to name their new baby girl Francesca Rose-Maria (Italian much?). Well me, being in Middle School, the court of Public Opinion was of utmost importance and the Jury was back on the name Francesca and the verdict wasn't good. So in "not-so-rare-middle-school-Ashley form", I pitched a royal the hospital and refused to have a sister named was awful to me. I cried and the hospital. And my mother, exhausted from bringing her 5th child in the world was really in no mood to argue, and for some reason she gave in and let me pick out her first name and Francesca would be the middle name. To make a long story short, the name Hannah was chosen and I vowed to call her Hannah even while everyone else called her Francesca. It was my solemn's now 15 years later and I've never, not once, called her Hannah. No one has. And it wasn't long before my mom came to her senses and has often wished she went through the process to change it. I'm reminded of this story....a lot. But I still say "Who let's a 13 year old name their kid anyway??"
All that to say, names are a funny thing. Do you share the name and risk them being "stolen" but at least you staked your claim? Do you keep the name quiet because you absolutely don't want to risk some name hungry pregnant woman stealing your preciously clever name? Or do you plead ignorance to avoid unsolicited opinions (like my mom did with babies 6,7, and 8 after the Francesca fiasco)? What if you love the name of the child who lives 5 doors down that you see twice a year at the pool? Is it copying? What if you love a name, but someone beat ya to it? Do you still use it? Welllllllll, all of these questions have certainly popped into my mind at one time or another, even with Cooper. But, I had a conversation with my mom this week about my current predicament and she wisely asked me "Who cares?!" she said "Ashley, if you love the name, use it. It's going to be that child's name for the next 80+ years, and you shouldn't base your decision on negative opinions or if the name has already been used before." So, that was it. I made my decision based on what I feel so strongly is this little girls name....that, and apparently my youngest sister has already told her class what her new niece's name is . And because I'm not so good at keeping surprises a secret, I'll tell you too.Well, let's just say.....

And for those who know me well, this name doesn't have any 'splanin" to do.


  1. Your mom gives good advice! Lucy is absolutely perfect!

  2. Such a perfect Ashley name for a baby!!! Love it!!!

  3. of course it is!!! I love that name by the way. :)

  4. Love it! I have a niece named Lucy! I think my brother and sis-in-law had two names picked out and waited until she was here. They said when they looked at her she just looked like a Lucy, and well...the name has fit her well! :-)


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