Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Introducing to You: Vacation Chris

 Another trip to The Happiest Place on Earth is in the books and the dreaming about our next visit can now begin. It was a much needed time away for Mr. Clean. He has been working long hours and is under some stress at work, so a little vacay was just what the doctor ordered!
 Mr. Clean put down his sponges and bleach, he shut off his computer, silenced phone calls and became who I like to call: Vacation Chris. Vacation Chris is everything Mr. Clean is not. I first met Vacation Chris on our Honeymoon and I've gotta say, I like Vacation Chris...A LOT! Don't get me wrong, I love Mr.Clean/El Cheapo with all my heart, but when Vacation Chris comes out, it is a blast!
 Vacation Chris rides carousels...
 He eats ice cream...on a Tuesday!
 He watches parades...
 He takes pictures with Mickey Mouse....
He goes swimming even when it's a tad too cold for swimming...
He rides in trains that are way to small for himself 
  He gets all smoochy...
And Vacation Chris even dances in the streets, for Peter's sake!!!
I told him everyday that I was thankful to be there with him and our little boy. I thanked him for making it possible. I've been dreaming of the day that Vacation Chris would come with us to the Happiest Place so that he could see everything that we see when he's not able to come. And we've been blessed to take 2 trips this year with him! He saw everything I love about the place last week, and even more importantly, he saw our boy light up with wonder and imagination.
 He saw our boy beam with pride when Buzz Lightyear waved to him and watched as he ran through fountains
 Vacation Chris loved it so much, he started planning our next trip while we were still there... I have witnesses. And if those plans come to fruition, it's gonna be one heckuva trip! It was good. There were times that Kidd-O lost his mind and and put us both on edge, but I think in the long run, the memories will be nothing less than sweet and cherished. 
 I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if you are waiting for the perfect time to take you littles to Disney, the time is now! If you can do it, DO IT! I wouldn't trade seeing Disney through the eyes of a 2 year old for ANYTHING in the world and neither would Vacation Chris. Make it happen, because they are only little for such a short period of time, and soon the magic of seeing their favorite hero or princess won't be quite as "cool", but the memories will last a lifetime!
I am thankful to the Lord for blessing our little family with so much! I pray His blessings on you and yours as you celebrate Thanksgiving this week!


  1. LOVE. I can't wait to take our new baby there. Most likely in 2 years:) Disney is such a magical place!

  2. Amei as fotos, familia muito linda

  3. that is hilarious! I love the pic of chris dancing in the street! haha


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