Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Growing Pains....

Now that I'm over the hideous hump that accompanied the early days of nursing, I feel like I'm regaining a little bit of normalcy around my home. A new normal for me. Life with 2. I have to say that before my little "Sweet Tweet" (which is what I've taken to calling the babe because of the little bird-like faces she makes and the sound of her little "chirps") came into our lives, I really tried to make the most of my time with Kidd-O. Wanting to make sure that I soaked up every ounce of the good stuff that came with life with my firstborn, only to find out recently that there would never be enough time.
The arrival of this baby has only made it clear how fast time flies. How big my boy truly is compared to his baby sister. I was warned how Kidd-O would suddenly seem like a giant next to the baby, but I didn't truly believe it until I saw it with my own two eyes. It was like my first baby had suddenly gained 150 extra pounds and might as well be enrolling in college. It has actually hit me like a ton of bricks. And while I'm holding this new one, gazing into her sweet eyes and caressing her dark hair I can't help but wonder if I did that enough with Kidd-O. Did I hold him enough? Kiss him enough? Cherish those tiny days to the fullest? I'm sure I did, but as I said earlier....there wouldn't ever be enough time to get my fill.
Me and Kidd-O
Now that I have seen how fast it goes, I am clinging to these early days with my girl. Yes, I'm exhausted. But, these days are numbered. My days may seem long now, but I have seen just how quickly they leave me ....taken like a thief in the night.
  I am so thankful to the Lord for all of the wonderful seasons of our lives. Each season filled with good things that can't be experienced during the other seasons. This is my sweetest season yet. I want to store up all the goodness that I can before a change comes. And a "change is gonna come."  A day will come when I walk through my home with no babies to rock, no toddlers to read to, no shoes to tie, a day when my girl doesn't sleep soundly in the crook of my arm, and a day when my boy won't dance uninhibitedly to Michael Jackson, waving to me, his biggest fan. 
 Fortunately, that day is not today....praise the Lord.

Go. Hug your babies. Turn off the TV. Put down laundry, your phone, your book. These are the days you'll long for someday. A day that will be here too darn soon. 

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  1. This post makes me a little sad. I can't believe my BABY will be 10 in May, just a week after his new baby sister is due. I don't feel like I could EVER do enough for him. I'm trying my best to find ways to still make him feel special and will continue to do that even once baby girl is here. I have a few mommy/son date nights planned already so he doesn't feel forgotten about. :)


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