Monday, January 25, 2016

Our Girl is 3!!!

As I was sitting on the couch over the weekend, for the second day in a row, post oral surgery, I thought I'd take a peek back at my little spot on the very public diary, if you will. I have very little time to string words together these days, but our girl turns 3 this week and I can't let it go by without documenting it here, along with all of birthdays that have come and gone in my babies lives. Our girl is 3 today.
Our girl. Our girl loves babies, puppies, kittens, rabbits, birds, mice, hamsters...any animal really, and ice cream. She's nuts about her daddy and loves to play "puppies" with her Bubby. Maybe someday we'll get her a real dog and she won't have to drag her brother around all day.
photo credit Rachel Illiadis
Our girl. I spend my days dressing her and re-dressing her, usually giving up because the girl loves her some naked Monday's...and Wednesday's....and Thursday's...naked any-day-that's-a-non-school-day...and even then, I've been told she tries to make it Naked School Day. What can I say? The girl loves to be free. And when she does put clothes on, it really must be a dress.
Our girl. She likes to get into things. Like, a lot. Most of the time I don't mind, I call it "being creative" and then there are times when it's not so creative and just plain messy. But making messes is her love's mine too, so I can't get too mad. 
Our girl. Our girl has a mind of her own. Which is why she is almost 3 and still doesn't quite have the hang of the potty thing yet. It's why she has a finicky appetite, but always has room for dessert. It's why she wants what she wants when she wants it. It's why she's stubborn, but will eventually come around...which is also something we have in common.
Our girl. Our girl is strong willed, but sensitive. She is tough, but has a heart as big as the sea. She can be as serious as a heart attack, but as funny as her namesake. 
Our girl. She tells it like is (even when we can't understand her), and can hold her own when she needs to, but she is sweet as pie and prettier than a peach. Mr. Clean has no intentions of ever letting her leave when she's older and I'm cool with that. Her smile? It melts. And those eyes? Oh, those eyes.
Our girl. Our girl has taught me as much as we've taught her...maybe more. Her big little personality has helped to teach me patience. The Lord knew I was lacking in that department, and she has been the perfect tool to teach me. That--and homeschooling.
Our girl isn't a baby anymore-- At ALL. She's our big girl. Our beautiful girl. Our smart girl. Our funny girl. We spend our days saying "I just love her" and "she's just the funniest little thing" and "GAH!!!! She is so dang cute!" We love what she brings to our lives. Here's to 3...I've always said that I love 3.

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