Monday, May 17, 2010

Little Ms. Indecisive

I was watching I love Lucy a couple of weeks ago (yes, this is my fav. show), and even though I have seen this episode a million times (clip shown above), I thought to myself "That is soooo me!" And that's when I realized the older that I get, the more decisions that need to be made!
Yes, I am that person who CAN'T decide what to order at a restaurant, what colors to paint a room, what movie to see, What flavor icecream I should get my drift! I will change my mind a dozen times, and will inevitably be disappointed with what I ultimately chose. I know that this is annoying to those around me (read: Chris, my husband)!!!
As I prepare for my baby, I am plagued with more decisions than I could possibly imagine! Which stroller? Car seat? Diapers? Bedding? Nursery color? Or how about bottles? If you have ever been to Babies 'R' Us (aka Hell on Earth)you learn VERY quickly that there aren't just 2 choices for a bottle, but more along the lines of TEN to FIFTEEN. We have Avent, Dr. Brow, Born Free, TommeeTippee, playtex, Gerber, Evenflo, Nuk, Sassy, Nuby, Madela, and the list on! It's enough to make a person like me go into cardiac arrest!
The baby's nursery has been my "Everest" I never thought I would see the top of this decision mountain! But, after repainting the room twice, sending back 2 bedding sets, and getting furniture (the price made this decision for me).So, I THINK I have FINALLY made up my mind on what the nursery should look like!! And we have decided on the biggest decision of all, A NAME!!! Cooper James Lee :)

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