Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Wifely Duty I LOATHE!

It all started with "I Do" three years ago, and in the early days of being a newlywed, blinded by the wonder of marital bliss, I thought I would be the "perfect wife" and make my husbands sandwiches for lunch. It was fine at first, I did it with joy in my heart, serving my husband the way I have been called to do (Titus 2:4)...soon the glamor of doing this wifely duty grew old...quickly! Not a night has gone by in 3 1/2 years that I don't ask him if he's SURE he needs a sandwich in hopes of him saying "Nope, don't need one, I'm having lunch with a customer"(sheer music to my ears).
I have grown to absolutely LOATHE this task! Don't ask why, I know that it is such a simple, menial task, but for some reason I can't stand it! Maybe it's because I know that he could do it just as well himself, but he claims "I can't make one as good as you do!" to which I reply "who can't smear peanut butter on some bread, squirt on some jelly and smack some bread on top?" Then I realize that in the time it takes to have that conversation I could have made his sandwiches for the entire week! So, I have given up trying to get out of it, I'm learning that I don't have to LOVE it, but I love my husband, so I will serve him in this way and I have come to the realization that for the rest of our lives together, I will forever be his sandwich maker...for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, TIL DEATH DO US PART!

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  1. How funny!! I know exactly what you mean!! Just remember--hubby brings home the bacon!!


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