Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summertime and the living is easy!

I always hated the end of the school year and have always cried on the last day since kindergarten...weird, I know! But after I dried my eyes, and hopped off the bus, I quickly anticipated all the fun and events that would take place over the summer! Things were no different this year! This was my last year working at the school, and although I was sad, and shed many tears, I realized I have A LOT to look forward to this summer!
There are 2 things that one should know about me, I LOVE Summertime and I LOVE the South! And there is NOTHING better than those 2 things together! You could try to convince me otherwise, but i guarantee 'ya it won't work! So many of my childhood memories take place during this glorious time of year, and carry on today! I have compiled a list of some things that are like little blessings to look forward to this Summer!

1. going to the lake!
2. running through a sprinkler (which is not just limited to child's play)
3. WATERMELON!! (yes, this has been a major pregnancy craving)
4. The sun being out later!
5. HOMEMADE icecream, preferably peach
6. going barefoot
7. the Stone Mountain Laser Show
8. lightnin' bugs
9. the smell of sunscreen
10. fried okra and roasted corn on the cob

11. throwing anything and everything on the grill
12. drinking drinks with fruit in them
13. Ice cold Coca-Cola, lemonade, sweet tea, or even better...make a muddy water/Arnold Palmer (half lemonade, half sweet tea)
14. the way may husband looks with a tan(ok, that one's just for me)
15. going to Disney World
16. getting a tan...even though I'm not supposed to anymore (Dr's orders)
17. Braves baseball and going to the varsity before!
18. pickin' blueberries
AND... anyone who knows me can easily tell you my FAVORITE things about Summer are The 4th of July and running the Peachtree Road Race! And , yes, I AM planning on walking the 6.2 miles, even in my 9th month...I MUST get my T-shirt!!

And last, but MOST EXCITING of all, I will be welcoming my very own bundle of joy this summer! This summer is sure to be the best of all!

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  1. What a great list of summer things! I too am proud to be a Southern girl and although its hot our summers are AWESOME! FB me your phone number so we can get together!


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