Monday, November 8, 2010

My Monday Mind Dump...

You Know You're a Momma When...
1. You sway side to side to console your baby, only to realize there is no baby in your arms and you are swaying in the middle of the cereal isle,
2. You "hear" your baby crying all the time only walk in the room to a soundly sleeping babe. Yes, you are hearing things.
3. The above 2 could be caused from living on 4 to 5 hours of sleep per night.
4. Your purse has been replaced by the diaper bag. Long gone are the days of carrying things for your personal needs, you now need room for a change of clothes, for those untimely blowouts, extra diapers, wipes, possibly a bottle, pacifiers, burp cloths, an extra blanket, did you remember the pacifier?, rattles, a hat in case it's cold, are you SURE you grabbed the pacifier?....It's possible you're forgetting something to which you will deeply regret when you
finally leave your house and you need it!
5. You really can't nail down plans for specific times, so every time ends in "ish"
6. Any extra cash flow that used to be for new clothes for you, now goes towards something new and cute for the kid.
7. You have no clue what you used to think about or talk about before you had kids.
8. You can't "just leave" places, you have to "start to leave", collecting all the things that you came with that you worked so hard to remember before leaving your house...don't forget that pacifier!
9. You realize AFTER you get back home that you have spit-up down the front of your shirt, and you're not quite sure how long it has been there.
10. You get pooped on, peed on,drooled on, puked on and it is worth it! It is worth it because the love you have for your babe runs so deep it hurts. It's worth it every time your baby wraps it's tiny hands around your finger, and looks at you with those beautiful eyes while you are feeding him. It's worth it every time that baby shines that toothless grin and it makes you think life just "can't get any better". It's worth it.

When did you know you were a momma?


  1. Fab post!! They mad me laugh and then you are so sweet about why it's worth it!!

  2. All so true!! I'm especially fond of the "ish"

  3. I'm a mom? So that is why these kids keep following me around calling me "Mommy" and asking me to wipe their noses, clean up their sickies and other various activities... ;)


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