Monday, November 1, 2010

My Monday Mind Dump...

1. I'm in love with the baby swing, so you can imagine my horror when it broke. Except it didn't break, I just realized my giant of a Kidd-O has reached it's weight capacity, so the motor can't swing him anymore.
2. There is no other genre of music that can make me cry at the drop of a hat like country music.
3. We ran out of candy one hour into the kids trick-or-treating...oops.
4. A kid (4 or 5 years old) came to the door dressed as a ninja and Mr. Clean asked him what happened to his arm (honestly thinking that a "samurai" chopped it off, and the missing limb was part of the costume) to which the child answered "it's a birth defect"....doh!
5. What's worse is, he didn't understand what the kid said, so he asked again what happened to his arm. He understood loud and clear the second time, and Mr. Clean felt like crawling under a rock and just dying.
6. I'm probably the most excited person in the world about Toy Story 3 coming out tomorrow! It's been on hold on my netflix cue for months!
7.Usually on Nov. 1, it is the beginning of the Holiday season and I start breaking out the Christmas tree and the Christmas music, but I'm not quite "in that place" yet...
8. I'm spending the evening making sure I know who I'm voting for tomorrow...YOU SHOULD TOO!!! GET OUT AND VOTE (unless it's not for the RIGHT candidate!lol)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. So, Kidd-O is 3 months old now, and several weeks ago on a Monday Mind Dump I mentioned moving him into his own room, yeah well that didn't even last a week! I just felt bad leaving him in that dark room all on his own, I missed him too much!! Well, it's time. Tonight is the night! He's gettin' the boot for real tonight! I even packed away is his pack-n-play!
10. I'm not lookin' forward to this weeks weather forecast...blah!


  1. He is precious! OMG about Mr. Clean and the birth sad! I can't wait to see Toy Story 3 again it was so good and I cried like 3 times...

  2. The missing arm comment about made me laugh our loud. I hope the child's momma was not within ear shot. Oops.

  3. The Boy won't go in the swing anymore. He cries and it won't swing because he's gotten so big. He loves the bouncer though!

  4. What a precious Indian!! Wish I could've seen him in person! We missed you guys.

  5. #4 & 5 are probably the funniest things ever. Brian and I have been laughing for awhile. We wished we could see Chris' face!

    cutest Indian EVER!


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