Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Monday Mind Dump...On Tuesday!

1. I got mastitis...again, and it is beating me up pretty bad! 102.7 temp! I feel so bad my scalp hurts!
2. Got a hankerin' for some cran-grape juice this week, but it doesn't taste as good when it doesn't come in the disposable cups they give at the hospital.
3. I'm soo excited to dress Kidd-O up for Halloween this weekend, he's gonna be a little Indian brave :)
4. I'm fairly certain I have exhausted my crockpot recipes. Mr. Clean asked why I keep making the same thing everyday...I guess crockpot chicken does taste the same even if there is cream-o-chicken instead of cream-o-mushroom
5. In the spirit of Halloween week Mr. Clean and I were watching Psychic Kids (!) and Paranormal State, to which they told a homeowner that their home was being haunted by Puck-wedgies. That's right, Puck-wedgies. I dare you to use this word in a sentence without smiling even a little. go ahead, try it! By the way, I still have no clue what a puck-wedgie is!
6. Because of these non-edifying (or is it unedifying?) shows, I had a nightmare Sunday night and woke myself up because I was screaming...that was a first! thankfully kidd-o slept through it!
7. The dream was of a catlike creature (possibly a puck-wedgie?) trying to attack me and wouldn't resist when I tried to push it away...yeesh!
8.. I really enjoy documentaries!
9&10. And as I have been recouping from my infection, and drinking my cran-grape juice I have been able to write some AND I was able to watch a documentary today during Kidd-O's nap. The documentary was called "Babies" which was an insightful and HUMBLING look into the lives of four infants from around the globe, from first breath to first steps! It was truly enlightening and I encourage you to check it out!
I was humbled by this documentary because I have been so concerned about being "babywise" or having the "happiest baby on the block". Do I let the baby cry it out, or can I rock him? Am I reading to him enough? Is he on schedule? Cloth diapers or Huggies?Do his clothes match? Where can I get another ridiculous but cute hat?
Meanwhile, the mothers they documented in Africa and Mongolia are covered in dirt, licking their babies face to clean it because they have no water, or expressing milk onto their child's face to cleanse it, and no diapers for their babies...AT ALL! Their children escort them on their daily duties...or are left to fend for themselves with the other children, they crawl around in cow pastures, or roll around with the other babies in rivers!!! Every single one of these things would send us into cardiac arrest if we saw our children doing these things!
Granted, I don't know what the infant mortality rate is in those respective countries, but I do know that I'm incredibly spoiled, and incredibly blessed that the Lord allows me to live in this greatest country with my baby! Don't know why He has, but He has!
I strongly encourage you to check out this documentary! It's beautiful, sweet, and above all, humbling as an American to see!! I could write a LOT more, but then you wouldn't have to see for yourself!

Have a great week! thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Brian was in africa when we found out we were having a girl. So I was all excited talking about the different baby things we could get, and all he could say back was "women in africa don't have that luxury .... etc" things like you said, diapers, cribs, bjorns! so convicting for me ... I feel spoiled too


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