Monday, April 2, 2012


This past weekend was wonderful! Kidd-O participated in his very first Easter egg hunt, and do you believe that I didn't get a single picture!? I'm gonna try to not become depressed about it, because...well...I totally made up for it on Saturday when he did his first 5k....via a baby jogger.
I've been waiting for this past Saturday for MONTHS! I tried hard to get a lot of people to join me because I knew it was going to be an epic day, but I wasn't so successful. It was just me, Kidd-O, my aunt.... and 10 thousand others. Which was actually pretty awesome, because I have the coolest Aunt on the really! I do. I promise. She's really fantastic.... and is also 6 months younger than me...which is actually kinda strange. 

  But anyway....

We did The Color Run 5k on Saturday and to those of you I tried to get to do it, I bet you will next year when you see these pictures (thanks in part to my sweet and talented sister-in-law)! 

 It was 3 miles of fun and can I just say, I was waaay over trained.
  We were like one of 5 people actually running, but that's OK! It was more of an experience than a cardiovascular workout for sure.

 And it was a day I'll never forget! The positive energy and pure happiness was everywhere.
 Everyone was wearing a smile and that is what I'm talking about, baby!

  If you have the opportunity to do a Color Run...Do it! It truly is "The Happiest 5k on the Planet." And who can't use a little happiness? 


  1. That looks like so much fun!! I'd LOVE to join you sometime!!

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