Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I would tell my 14 year old self....

1. You don't know everything...nor will you ever.
2. Things change, people change, the Lord does not. Get to know Him better.
3. Sunscreen. Wear it. You'll have scars all over if you don't and scars have yet to be a fashion statement.
4. That boy you're obsessing over will be a LOT heavier, with less hair and not as cute as you remember in 10 years.... I promise. Stop staring, and for goodness sake, throw away that notebook that you have scribbled your names together in...he totally knows! Get with it, girlfriend!
5. School is important. Just do the stinkin' homework. If you just do the homework, you'll pass-- even if you don't pass a single your teachers that you are putting forth effort. It will go a LONG way. You're not doing anything better anyway, turn off Boy Meets World and DO IT!
6. Don't let your dad cut you hair...ever again. Even if he did work for Paul Mitchell, he's not so good.
7. That guy you'll start dating next year? Biggest regret of your life! Just skip it. All of it.
8. The guy you date AFTER him, will be your husband. Funny, huh?
9. Don't be so dramatic. It's not the end of the world when your parents don't let you do something. See #1 again.
10.  Never stop loving life! Keep on smiling, even though you are missing a very important tooth, it's still your best asset. 
What would you tell your 14 year old self?


  1. Stand up straight even though you are the tallest girl in the ENTIRE school. It will pay off in the end. Years from now the men will be wanting to talk with you BECAUSE you are so tall. Shoulders back, chin up, and smile.

    1. I love it Jill! I love how we are given traits that are different, but end up being our biggest my missing tooth! Good advice!

  2. I LOVE every one of these.. But my favorite part was the "and for goodness sake, throw away that notebook that you have scribbled your names together in..." HILARIOUS!!! :)

  3. Hysterical post! Only two years ahead of my fourteen-year-old self, I can look back and see how much I needed to hear these things... and still do. haha.


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