Thursday, July 19, 2012

2nd Mommyversary

As we are fast approaching Kidd-O's 2nd birthday, July 30 will always be a special day for me as well. It's the day I became "Mom". It's on that day I found out just how much I could love someone and it was also 2 years ago that I realized that I had no idea what I was doing. And while I'm excited to be a mom to more kidlets, the birth of my first will always be special because it was the day I learned to love someone more than myself. Because of that day, I am a better wife, daughter, sister and friend...And THAT is something to celebrate!
Now that I have 2 years of Mommyhood under my belt, I can say that I'm definitely hitting my stride. If I was to describe it in a running metaphor, I would say that the first year was the stretching. A slow start to find out what works, while running through the kinks and the cramps and just pushing forward. And as for year 2? I would say I've hit  a very comfortable stride. It feels good and I feel as if I could go the 26.2 to the end-- if everything would just stay the same. Key word being: IF, because we know it won't stay the same. But for today, I got this!
And to all those new momma's that are wondering if they will ever shower, sleep or eat again-- you will, I promise. Just power through those kinks, find that stride and GO!

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