Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Super Coopers SuperHero Shindig....

It's been over a week and Coop is still talking about his birthday party, so I'll count that as a success! I really was pushing for a more "cutesy" theme for his party like trains, fishing, or baseball, but noooooo. Apparently, the Kid is into Superheroes.He knows NOTHING about Superheroes and I know even less, but he does know that they are cool and I guess it's just innate in the male species. That's all that matters.

So for the last several weeks we just dove head first into Gotham City and it's been nothing but Batman, Spidey and all those other guys that I have no clue what their names are. Coop had only one request and that was to have a Spiderman cake.
  I made sure that happened and I did him one better. Spiderman, aka Santa Claus, aka Pops, aka my dad made a very rousing and an inadvertently obscene appearance. 
Turns out it was the best $50 I've ever spent. The kids loved it, my mom hated it, and there was fun had by all!

 I had a very tight budget, but I do believe I kept it. Which would be a first ever! I wanted to keep it cute, but LOW KEY. I got lucky when I was at Target and they were putting all of their summer and superhero party stuff on clearance and I walked away with table cloths, place mats, foam shapes, stickers, coloring pages, etc. from $.25-$5.00!!! 
 I bought tissue paper and some supplies to make capes and masks for the kids,

 as well as supplies for a Pinata 

 and some silly string (to web the bad guy).

 I spent the bulk of my budget on food, but kept that simple as well. We had some chips and dips, salad, pizza, cake and my favorite: Cannoli Dip.

  Kids parties are a LOT of fun to plan and I love all of the possibilities. Pinterest can be both helpful, but also the bane of my existence. I'll go to it for some brainstorming, but at some point you gotta turn it off and let your creative juices flow.But, there ya have it. Another birthday in the books and now to gear up for the holidays and start the brainstorming for a certain little girls 1st birthday...in 6 months!
And here's to 3 going on 4!

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