Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coopie Coo-sday

Then I Got to Thinkin'...Last Tuesday I packed up the clothes that don't fit Kidd-O anymore (or, in his case, never fit to begin with) and my heart broke just a little. Folding up the little outfit I brought him home in, and the little outfits that I have grown to love holding him in. Snuggling him in. Staring at him in. The past 7 weeks have gone by so quickly already, and even though the next milestones in his life are going to be so much fun, I'm still sad that he will never be as small as he was the day before. Then I got to thinkin'...

I got to thinkin' about how the time flies faster and faster the older you get. I remember as a child having no concept of time and not even knowing what day it was (although, this has been a problem for me lately with lack of sleep). And now the weeks just go in the blink of an eye. I want to savor every. single. moment. with my baby. While his young days may seem long to him, they will fly by at warp speed for me. I WILL make the most of them while I can. Then I got to thinkin'...

I got to thinkin' about how one day, Kidd-O will one day, if the Lord wills, get married (Break.my.heart.more!). He will one day find a wife. He will one day love his wife more than he loves his momma...She will take first place (as she should), she will make the best sandwiches, she will give the best hugs. And while she will be first, receiving the bulk of his love, I will love him no less! This is a thought that I have never thought until now. Now, that I'm a parent. I have gained a new respect and admiration for my mother-in-law and other mother's who have sons. Then I got to thinkin'...

I got to thinkin' about the kind of boy I want to raise. A boy, that will one day be a man, that will one day be a husband. I pray that he will learn to love the Lord at an early age, so he can be the spiritual leader that his wife will need and deserve. I pray that he will be kind. Generous. Thoughtful. I hope he has his father's work ethic, and my...metabolism? I hope he is compassionate. Diligent. And it would be cool if he was funny too...girls love that, a guy with a sense of humor. Then I got to thinkin'...

I got to thinkin' that I have my work cut out for me. But, I also got to thinkin' about the joy and privilege this "work" will be. And even though "time flies," and even though he will one day love another more (or just differently), I will savor the moments that he only has "eyes" for his momma. No matter how fleeting it is, I will make the most of the time I have with my baby, my Kidd-O.

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  1. This is very sweet and my how having a baby has changed your perspective! You have grown so much these past few months and weeks! It is such a joy to see you loving your son so much. Sadly, I was not a believer when my kids were young and though I loved caring for them, I know I didn't see the 'big picture' like you do now. Cherish every moment!

  2. oh, and I strongly recommend you somehow cut and paste all these posts in case something happens so you don't lose anything. I agree with Yaya...you are a very talented writer...keep it up!

  3. I agree! I never in a million years thought I would have the feelings I do! It's all by the Grace of God that I do! Thanks for commenting ;)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Cooper is SO cute. I love the photos. I can totally relate...I cry every time I pack up more of my son's clothes that no longer fit. I guess that's why people have more babies! LOL! ; )


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