Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Costco Slow-Pokes,

Dear Costco Slow-Pokes,
I understand that Costco is a really cool store with lots of neat merchandise that changes frequently, however, do any of you people have any sense of purpose for which you are shopping there?? This letter comes on the heels of my trip today where I saw more than enough aimless shoppers, just meandering throughout the store without any sense of purpose! Speaking of heels, the skin on my heels are now missing because of a couple of "aimless" shoppers ramming their industrial size carts into my ankles. There is nothing being sold on the ceiling, so there is really no need to be staring at it, just look ahead, and push your cart. I also understand the really neat cultural and culinary experience you have at Costco, but just grab your mini cup of Colombian coffee, and your fluted cup of quinoa and rice pilaf and KEEP MOVING! AND, is it really necessary to wait for the hair netted worker to finish "easy baking" the crusted tilapia? Chances are it's not necessary or worth it! Oh, and another thing, must you [slowly] push your industrial size shopping cart all around the store when all you're buying is a lifetime supply of antacid and bag of asparagus??? I don't even understand why you brave Barrett Pkwy traffic, the crowded parking lot, and the even more crowded store for 2 things that you could get at publix, or the drugstore! yeah, yeah, I know, it's cheaper and you get a ton...but look for coupons I bet you can get TUMS at Walgreens for free!
Why do I go you ask?? I ask myself that same question every time I go (especially now that I have Kidd-O), and believe me, I wouldn't go if my husband didn't eat his body weight in yogurt, string cheese, cereal, and pop tarts! And I don't know why or how, but the 2 of us go through an ungodly amount of toilet paper! But I have my list, I know where everything is, and I'm in and out! I do not "shoot the breeze" there! I think it would be impossible and not even enjoyable to do so!
So, in closing, dear slow-pokes, please be aware of those around you, maybe make a list, and ya know, speed it up a bit! People are waiting behind you!

Sincerely, Me

(whew! I had to get that off my chest!)


  1. Sounds like someone is sleep deprived. :-)

    I got angry at a slow grandma at Sam's Club many years ago. I got so ticked off at her, but it turned out that my hormone meds where changing my mood so much. I have come to realize that a polite smile and an ugly thought makes me feel better.

    It might just be your hormones, dear. Good luck with the next shopping trip.

  2. I think you're right Ms.Jill! But no worries, I smiled politely (even when I was being ran into):) Just had to get that off my chest! lol! Time for this lady to hit the hay!


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