Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday's Photo Flashback!

"Amanda, He Shaves His Armpits!"
10 year's ago this Halloween, I met my future friend, my future love, my future husband. However, we didn't get off on the right foot at first, and our feelings for each other were a tad lukewarm. This is the only picture I have from the first night we met (THANKFULLY, because I look like total barf-a-roni! well, none of us look our best, I guess...but me??? blech!) and I remember that night as plain as day, and Chris, well....doesn't recall it at all. It was a lock-in at church (that he didn't go to) and he was there because he had "eye's" for the pastors daughter, who also happened to be one of my best friends. And when I say "eye's" I mean poetry writing, flower buying, smooth talkin', head-over-heels smitten with my friend. And even though both of them don't like talking about this now, it is our story, so I have to!

That night was the first time I was meeting this boy who was so taken by my friend. And I don't blame him either! She was and is a beautiful, blond, knockout! Anyway, Mr. Clean was showing his stuff on the b-ball court when I saw him for the first time. Amanda pointed him out, and the very first thing I said about my future husband was "Amanda, he shaves his armpits!!!!!" I was repulsed at the fact that a guy would shave his pits, especially when he didn't have to! Any guy who had smoother pits than me was a problem-o! Amanda and I later had a talkie talkie with Mr. clean and nipped that problem in the bud, to which I am now eternally grateful for!

To answer any lingering questions about what happened to them and what became of us, I will just say that my friend wasn't quite as fond of Mr. Clean as he was of her and whatever little that was there didn't last long at all, there are Tic-Tacs that last longer. However, he was persistent in his pursuit, but I was the one who had to tell him to "get to steppin' boy, she doesn't like you!" Thankfully, he hung around long enough to be my friend and he remained just that, my friend, just friends for several years before we became more than just friends. And yes, Amanda is still my dear friend today who is married to someone equally as beautiful has her and I'm thankful that she is as pretty as she is, otherwise I may have never met my now hairy-pitted husband!


  1. I remember this night. I think I dressed up like a Pink Lady and Pete was Wayne from "Wayne's World". I remember renting old scary movies to show at Blockbuster and we ended up watching Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" and Amanda was freaking out!!!
    -Laura :)

  2. yeah, she definitely does not like that movie!! lol! fun times! miss you guys!


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