Friday, May 27, 2011

My Monday Mind Dump...On Sunday!

1. This is brought to you today because I'm going to Florida tomorrow...yeah baby!

2. My new favorite Summer meal...White pizza with a side of Caesar salad!
3. This is the first time in 20 years that I haven't had to say the Pledge of Allegiance everyday or be in school or work at a school or be there for the last day! Which makes me kinda sad:( But only kinda.
4. I love pedicures, but I laugh uncontrollably when they are scrubbing my feet with that pumice stone...and I don't like the word pumice.5. As Mr. Clean and I were watching Mickey Mouse Club House with Kidd-O the other night, Mr. Clean informed me that he thinks that Daisy sounds like she would be a "babe". And I asked "as in Daisy Duck?" Mr Clean: "Yes." Me: "um, ok."

6. Have I told y'all yet that I'm going to Disney this week? Yes? Oh, ok, I'll try to shut up about it now.

7. Kidd-O had his first Popsicle this week AND his first powdered doughnut
8. Shout out to Elyse T. THANK YOU!!!! I've asked you and your sis a billion times for your address and I have lost it A BILLION times, and I'm embarrassed to ask for it again, and you don't have FB, so I'm making this extremely public and thanking you for the sweet gift you sent this week right here on my, THANKS!! What a sweet surprise!

9. Last night my momma and I saw "Sweet Baby James"... and learned that "Sweet Baby James" was written for his nephew who was named after him. And while everyone else was eating champagne and caviar, we were eating Moe's and bottled water...BUT I did make chocolate covered strawberries so we could fit in a tad. 10. Ok, last time...I PROMISE, I'm going to Disney this week!!!!! And maybe when I get back I'll try to explain why I love that stinkin' place so much! I know many of you (read: The In-laws ;)) think I'm totally Kookie.... and sometimes not just about Disney, but when I say things like "hiney sweat"...and I guess that may be true...oh well. We are off! See ya in a week!

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