Friday, July 8, 2011

My Monday Mind Dump...

1. Now that the Casey Anthony trial is over, I have no clue what to do with myself and it's been difficult having a normal conversation. My tv and the tv's of those I was visiting, have been GLUED to HLN for 6 weeks! What will I do without Vinny Politan everyday? I guess my laundry will get done and Kidd-O can watch his daily episode of Mickey Mouse again.

2. Did you know that I talk in my sleep? Yep, I do. AND did you know that I walk in my sleep too? Yep, I do. just about every night since Kidd-O started putting objects in his mouth and choking on them, I have been seen walking around our room "chasing" "dream Kidd-O", who seriously has a choking fiasco every night! I'm constantly trying to retrieve the "dream object" from his "dream mouth"! "Dream Kidd-O" is a bad little boy! Real-life Kidd-O hasn't choked in a while, but "Dream Kidd-O" can't seem to learn his lesson and I swear he's driving me to the looney bin!

3. I'm really jealous of the people who have that awesome instagram app on their phones ...How do I get that?? As if I need more pictures...4. So, my favorite holiday came and went waaaay too quickly! I haven't even mentioned it! But now I will! The 4th of July this year was a smidgen different with a kidd-o. Honestly, it was not quite as fun as usual. I did do the Peachtree Road Race ( the world's largest 10k) and my time was better than last year...but not much!...and because of the rain, the fireworks were called off, so we had an impromptu picnic on my parents neighbor's front porch. We had a nice time even though Kidd-O was a total cling-on and was a big fat scaredy cat of the thunder...but I'll give him a break because we have been gone all month...and he's cute...and he's a baby.
5. Kidd-O has me busier than ever! His favorite pastime is climbing up and down stairs. It NEVER gets old to him. He will do whatever he can to get to stairs! He's actually quite good at it. I don't have to help him at all! He figured it out all on his own. Lucky me :)
6. A good friend pointed out to me that we spend the first year for our kids lives trying to get them to walk and talk, and then we spend the rest of their lives telling them to sit down and be quiet. Ironic? Yes. On that note, Kidd-O is walking :) And he likes it. Can ya tell?7. I had a surprise visit from a certain little sister last night. YAY! We had fun......and we painted our toenails. I'm particularly good at it! It's one of my good big sister qualities.

Aaand, that's all I've got! Stay cool and have a GREAT week!


  1. You sure know how to make a Monday awesome! I adore the pics, your kid makes my ovaries hurt like WHOA and they made my day.

  2. I LOVE your pictures. So much fun : ) Such an awesome post. If your baby was any cuter it would be illegal : ) Hope your week is filled with lots and lots of happiness!


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