Monday, July 25, 2011

My Monday Mind Dump...

1. I've been buying graham crackers lately as a snack for Kidd-O and they've never tasted me! It's like when I work in the nursery at church and those goldfish crackers are staring at me and I snag a few and in that moment I wonder if there is a greater culinary invention on the planet! What is with that?!

2. I'm really wondering why my flippin' neighbor's still have fireworks from the 4th of July to set of a couple times a week. At 11pm...

3. Kidd-O is taking after Mr. Clean already by scrubbing the walls and floors with a wipe!! Mini Clean by day (please excuse the yucky camera phone pics)...4. Mini me by night.... This pics gives a whole new meaning to drive in movie! Extra points if you can name that movie!5. As if I didn't miss being pregnant enough already, I was asked to do a maternity shoot this weekend, and now my uterus won't shut up about it!6. My youngest brother is in Mississippi for a baseball tournament this week, so I'm the keeper of a couple of little sisters for a few days (I haven't a clue as to where my other siblings are). Apparently the team is kicking boo-tay (final 4 as of today) and may be on the telly this weekend! Lets Go Warriors! Tried and True Orange and Blue!

7. Since I have company, I put my nail painting skills to work again this week, but this time I had an entire "spa" open, complete with robes (one that really wasn't age appropriate, but we made it work), shower caps (I'm not quite sure why, but it seemed right), and sugar (because I don't have any fancy foot scrubs, so I thought sugar would have to do).8. Here's Kidd-O's newest face, it's a personal fave.9. Oh, PS, Kidd-O turns one on Saturday, so if you see me out and about with blood shot eyes lookin' like a hot mess, don't mind me, I'm just in mourning over my itty bitty wittle baby growin' up. That's all. Good Day and Good Night!

10. Because I'm caring for 3 kidlets this week, this is where we will part ways.


  1. The drive-in movie? Genius and adorable. I sympathize with you about the uterus screaming... Mine is downright throwing a tantrum insisting I should get preggers as soon as I say "I Do."

  2. I always love to see what's on your mind Ashley! Like I've said before - you are a very interesting person!


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