Monday, October 10, 2011

My Monday Mind Dump....

Ya know what? I just am not feeling this tonight. I'm not one to let stuff get me down, or to let a gray cloud stay over me long. In fact, the running joke is that I can be in physical agony one minute, but break into a chorus of any Julie Andrew's song the next, like nothing ever happened. But not tonight. For now, I'll let that gray cloud stay...while humming  the tune "The sun'll come out, tomrrow!" for the duration of the evening. Maybe it's the weather? Maybe it's because I know it's Monday and I usually make an effort to live everyday like it's Friday? Maybe it's other things...things that I can fix, things that I can't and things that I can pray about. Things I need to pray about. 
Sorry to disappoint, but thanks for stopping by just the same!


  1. aw this makes me sad, we should hang out soon. I totally have days like this!

  2. Hang in there, girl! This too shall pass. Snuggle up with a good book and listen to the falling rain and the wind blow outside. That winds going to carry that cloud away before tomorrow :-)

  3. Thanks you all :) And Audrey, Yes, please! I'll prayerfully be out of this funk by then!

  4. You're just a little black rain cloud hovering over the honey trees. Okay, Ashley, now watch Winnie the Pooh in "A Blustery Day" will make you smile. Now try to get a little winnie in your pooh! :-)


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