Monday, October 17, 2011

My Monday Mind Dump...

1. I'm back! And things are looking up, especially since I booked a trip to Disney World this week! and to make things even better, Mr. Clean, who has never been to the Happiest Place (nor ever cared to go), said that he was excited about it too...but is still wondering how I'm going to be pulling this off. We can thank my son and his obsession with Mickey Mouse for Mr.Clean's change of heart!

2. Because I'm still trying to get into the "fall spirit" we went to, not one, but 2 pumpkin patches! We went to the first patch just for the pictures :

...and the second for the cheaper pumpkin.
3.We also carved the pumpkin, toasted the seeds, ate two types of pumpkin bread, pumpkin crunch, and a caramel cake this week. Even though winter is just around the corner, I do know how to do Autumn up mighty fine.
3. The other thing that is right around the corner...Halloween. I really wanted Kidd-O to be a cute little cowboy, but I opted for an owl instead. I'm going to attempt to make it myself....don't laugh.

4. I shot my first "official" wedding this weekend. I still don't know how I feel about wedding photography, but it went without a hitch...until I lost one of my (full) memory cards (if you're surprised, you shouldn't be), sending the entire wedding party on a wild goose chase trying to find a needle in a haystack. But you can get those panties out of their wads, because I found the stinkin' card where it was supposed to my camera bag. And THAT is why I brought a second shooter with me....just in case I pulled an "Ashley".

5. We are squeezing every last drop of warmth and taking advantage of it by still wearing nothing but a diaper...and eating the occasional lollipop.
6. Remember that $809 speeding ticket I got going to Disney this Summer? Well, I'm going to court on Thursday to beg, plead, cry on bended knee for the judge to have mercy on my soul and drop the NINE points that are supposed to be tacked on to my insurance. That should be interesting....I'm kinda scared! I've always wanted to be in a courtroom, but not as the defendant!
7. If any one cares, I'm STILL not done with GWTW! On the bright side, I only have a few chapters left.
8. I will be "guest posting" over at Addington Mom sometime soon as part of her blog series "Simple Solutions". I'll be sharing about my 15 minutes for 25$ photoshoot. SPEAKING OF! I still have a few slots left to fill, so get a move on and lets book it!

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