Monday, October 3, 2011

My Monday Mind Dump....

 1. I'm STILL reading Gone With the Wind. I swear it is never ending...and for the record, it is almost exactly like the movie. I have enjoyed it, but have found myself speaking like an O'hara, saying things like "so-in-so was on him like a duck on a June bug" or "I can't do that! People might think that I'm white trash".  And I'm loving the "harsh" words Scarlett throws about like "Fiddle-dee-dee" or "don't be a goose!" or when she's REALLY mad she yells "God's nightgown!" I'm still not quite sure what the last one means, but she reserves it for the most infuriating circumstances.
2. DATE NIGHT. DATE NIGHT. DATE NIGHT. We had another date night! Mr. Clean must have had an O.K month selling whatever it is he sells, so we went to dinner and a movie. I'm still not sure how I talked him into seeing The Help. If you have yet to see it, what doth hinder? It's mighty good!

3. I spoke too soon about Kidd-O catching nasty cold germs...He's sick...again. Stepping on a soap-box now!I'm doing everything I possibly can to ward off any type of infection and have resorted to at-home, voo-doo remedies! I never thought it would come to that.  I have never seen a kid get sick like mine! I'm not used to this because my siblings never got sick this often. My mom swears that it's because we were always barefoot in the winter time and I think she might just be right! And, to make matters worse, Kidd-O had a TERRIBLE case of bed head this weekend too. It's was a cryin' shame I tell ya!
4.Well, if fall MUST come, I guess I will decorate...
...and make pumpkin bread...and drink hot tea...if I must.
5. Even though Kidd-O was under the weather, we took him to the park to enjoy some fresh air after being cooped up all weekend...

6. My boy finally got up the courage to go down the slide all on his own! One small step for man, one giant leap for Kidd-O!
7. We ended our weekend with some pizza, lemons (and he rather enjoyed them, that little freak of nature)...
...and we took our first trip to the frozen yogurt place that just opened. This is the only picture I got because Mr. Clean demanded I put my camera away because I was embarrassing him. Bah humbug!

Happy Monday! Happy Week! 
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I like Chris' shirt ... some cool people with a divine sense of style must have gave it to him ;)

  2. How I so look forward to your posts. It sounds like, besides the Kidd-O's cold, you had a good week. I love the photo you got from being underneath him in the swing. You are good with the camera, well as with words. Can't wait until next Monday.


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