Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baby's First Christmas!!

So, Christmas has now come and gone and yet again I feel like it went by way too fast. I'm all about savoring the moment, stopping to smell the roses, and maybe for too long! And wanting to savor the Christmas season is no different! I don't even want to blink for fear of missing it! Unfortunately, this year went by even faster than years passed! We (momma and I) had grand plans of going to the Festival of Trees which never even came close to happening, and I didn't even get to see It's a Wonderful Life...or even enjoy a cup of cider!

And even though it slipped away from me too quickly, it was still my most favorite Christmas ever!! I know Kidd-O will never remember his first Christmas, but I will and I wanted it to be perfect...maybe too perfect...borderline annoying the fool out of my family perfect!

I tried several time to get out so Kidd-O could see Santa, and didn't think it would happen... but forced it to happen on Christmas Eve Eve. It was stinkin' cold, and the line was forever long, but I'm so glad I did! I will cherish this picture forever!I miss being a kid at Christmas, it was such a magical time, and I'm forever grateful to my parents for giving me such special memories! Because of my fondness of those memories, it is my mission to do the same for my little one(s)! I know people have different feelings regarding Santa (i.e Mr. Clean), but we (and by we, I mean me) have decided that as long as the central focus remains on the birth of our Savior, we will celebrate the gift of a kids imagination and let Santa visit...but I am under a strict probationary period! Here's what Santa brought for his first visit to Kidd-O. Not only was this Christmas special because Kidd-O joined us this year, but Georgia had it's first measurable "White Christmas" since 1882!! It was simply beautiful! Even though it cut our time with family short due to hazardous road conditions, it was really neat to see that much snow on Christmas!!

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas with your family and friends, that you were able so savor every second, and revel in the miracle that came to us in the form of a newborn babe...our Savior!


  1. I've told you this are my hero!

  2. aww! I absolutely love the photos. SO so sweet! What wonderful memories of a first Christmas!


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