Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas and the Days of Yore

As Christmas quickly encroaches upon us, as it seems to do faster and faster each year, I often wonder if it always goes by this quickly? I'm a dreamer and live in "dreamworld" a good portion of the time, and I have always desired to have a Christmas like they did in the days of 'yore...whatever "yore" means. Do you know what I'm talking about? The kind of Christmas where all the girls wear dresses, and the boys are wearing sweaters their grandmother knit for them and both of them are on the floor, stringing cranberries and popcorn for the tree that the family all went to chop down together. Mother is in the kitchen preparing figgy pudding and a roast goose. Father (who is wearing a hat, scarf and a long coat) is out getting more wood for the fire and when he opens the door, gusts of snow fly around the room. The kids' faces light up when he enters and jump up to greet him! Grandpa is sitting in that big, comfy green chair, smoking a pipe and telling the tales from when he was young. After dinner, they sip on their wassail while mother sits down at that old upright, and begins playing carols. Everyone begins to gather 'round, placing arms around each other and join in just in time for the chorus. There it is. The Norman Rockwell kind of Christmas that I long for. Was Christmastime EVER this dreamy? or is it something that's just left for storybooks?

I'm excited to start new traditions with my family (even Though Mr. Clean isn't a tradition-kind-of-guy) and maybe someday I can recreate this picture perfect scene myself!

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?? I'd love ideas!

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  1. Before we open presents on Christmas morning we all sit around the Christmas tree in our jammies and each say a prayer of everything we are thankful for from that year. My mom and dad started this tradition when I was a little girl and I treasure it :)


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