Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolving to UNresolve...

Ten Things I'd Like to Do in 2011!
This is a very risky move on my part to post my goals for 2011, but I'll be able to look at this in 365 days and see if I was able to accomplish any of these things. My Blog can keep me the pressure is on! I won't call these resolutions, because we all know where those go about a week into the New heck, that's where! So these are things I'd like to do this year, and if they don't happen, no biggie!

1. I'd like to get back to the gym. Yeah, I know, me and about 75% of all Americans...but still.

2. I'd like to get over my problem of hoarding clothes and GET RID OF THEM! I didn't wear that sweater in 7th grade, and I'm not going to wear it now! Seriously, I have clothes that date back to 7th grade, and shoes that date back to the 8th grade.

3. I'd really like to further explore and pursue some talent type of endeavor. Vague? yep! I don't know, maybe photography? Yes, I know, this is also something that 75% of Americans are trying to pursue. You put a camera in someone's hand and they think they are the next Ansel Adams...or in my case, Anne Geddes! But that's what this year will be for...ya know, to see if I can be the next Anne Geddes. Maybe...maybe not.

4. I'd like a new I can do the aforementioned #3! Mr. Clean said that I have to book clients and make money before he buys me one...but don't I need a camera before I make any money??? It's the classic "what came first? The chicken or the egg?" We shall see!!

5. It would be pretty awesome if I could finish memorizing John 3. I started memorizing it about 2 summers ago, and only got to verse 16. So maybe this is the year! Along with memorizing other passages...that would be nice.

6. I'd like to run the Peachtree road race in under an hour. Don't laugh, mom. Ok, this is a total pipe dream, and I KNOW will be one goal I probably won't reach!

7. I'd like to have a better blog. Once you start this thing, it's hard to neglect it! I'd like to redesign it and fancify it...ya know, TRY to make it super cool.

8. On the same note, I'd love to reach 100 followers (of my blog, not some religious occultist thing) this year. I love my current 38 followers, and I know this goal is totally strange...just think it would be cool, that's all. and if I can't get 100, then I QUIT! Ok, I'm just joshin' ya, I wouldn't. But, I do know that I've had this thing for 8 months now, and haven't even gotten half way there, so this is actually a pretty big feat. But I know it's possible because I have bloggy friends who have hundreds of followers...I don't know how they get that many, but they do!

9. I'd like to be an even better housewife this year, I'm improving, and Mr. Clean doesn't have to clean up behind much, so maybe this year is the year! Fingers crossed!

10. My biggest goal, most important goal and one that I will be working my hardest at achieving, is going to be serving others more. In the (now) past I have been intimidated (for various reasons: I was working, I have a fear of man issue that they won't like what I make or do, lack of resources...yadda yadda) by stepping up to the plate to bring meals to families, or jumping at opportunities to give of my time and resources...NOT ANY MORE! Now that I stay home full time, there is no reason for me not to help out where I can. There. I said it. I can't wait to get started!

Praying you and yours have a HAPPY, HEALTHY 2011! WooHoo! Rock it!


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  2. Concerning #2, Blake and I just did that with all of his old clothes. Shirts mainly. Some he probably hadn't worn since high school, that he couldn't even button if he tried. My closet feels a whole lot better and I know whoever receives his old clothes are thankful that we did it. It didn't even take that much time once we got started; you know what you wear and what you don't/never have. Good luck!


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