Monday, December 6, 2010

My Monday Mind Dump...

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things....

1. Christmas music 24/7! I can't turn it off. Even if I'm sick of it, I still listen because I feel like I'm supposed to listen when it's on the radio.

2. Right-out-of-the-dryer-and-on-to-the-bed sheets. Simply divine!

3. Pretty presents! I LOVE giving gifts that look as pretty on the outside as what's on the inside.

4. Snail Mail. But only the good kind, like Christmas cards or letters from our Compassion International Child. I've tried looking at the "bills", but it might as well be written in Mandarin because I have no clue what they say.

5. ICE COLD COCA-COLA CLASSIC. Not pepsi. Not Big K. Not Sam's Club. And call me crazy, but I truly believe a coke tastes better when Santa is on the can.

6. Magazines. Any kind will do, I just love 'em! Glamour, Southern Living, and Real Simple are my faves. Taste of Home is on my naughty list these days because they NEVER send me my magazines!

7. A crisp dollar bill...or 20 dollar bill...better yet, a crispy Benjamin! But I can't tell 'ya the last time Ben and I got together.

8. Laughing with Mr. Clean. He's a good sport...

9. My momma's cooking! She's 'da bomb-diggity!

10. L.L Bean. I love getting my catalogs so I can wish and dream for everything in it! Their wild blueberry jam is delish!
What are some of your favorite things??

1 comment:

  1. computer :-) It affords me a few moment to escape life. I can use it for all of my hobbies - writing, scrapbooking, and photography. And it doesn't demand ANYTHING in return!

    Happy Monday!


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