Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Well, you must have been a beautiful baby!

I worried before I was pregnant and for an entire 9 months about having an ugly baby. Why you might ask? Well, for one, I wasn't the cutest baby to hit the Gerber generation, and secondly, my husband and I are not lacking in the Schnozola department.Lets face it, some babies just aren't cute. And I was worried that I wouldn't know if he was cute or not because I would have on mom-goggles and think everything was cute! But I knew that I would know what other people thought because we live in the South and it just ain't fittin' to tell someone their baby is ugly, so we say "oh, well isn't she sweet?" or "Bless his little bitty heart!" And those were 2 phrases I'd pray I'd never hear!

Well, whaddya know? My kid came and I don't care what anybody thinks, I think that kid is goood-lookin!When Kidd-O was born, the first thing I said was that he looked just like my hubs and his sister.And he does, but I have also seen a lot of my side in him as well! So I began looking through pics to see what I could find! Looking through my moms pics is a never ending task, because with 8 kids and 26 years worth of photos, there are millions of photos!!! So, I did the best I could and I thought I'd share what I found! I realized that time goes by way too fast, and seeing my siblings as babies made me cherish my babe and how fleeting this time is!

Now, these aren't the best pics in the world, because I only grabbed one box. And by grabbed, I mean I needed the boys to help load it. And by box, I mean, the largest, longest tupperware bin they make. Oh, and I used nicknames to protect the innocent!

For the record, I think that Kidd-O resembles V-Dizzle and Fluffyianna the most...on my side. And I don't really care who he looks like as long as he has my charming personality....HA!

And here's one more pic...just because it makes me smile!

Happy Hump-o-the-Week!


  1. Precious pictures! Y'all have made one of the cutest babies known to man!!! And yes, it goes by wayyyyy to fast. Cherish every moment. :)


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