Monday, September 12, 2011

My Monday Mind Dump...Dead Man Walking.

Today I am tired. Slap wore out. Beat.

Last week was completely, 100%, dedicated to an event that my sister-in-law and I have been preparing for since the Spring. The event is a semi-formal dinner called the State of the School for around 200-250 parents, grandparents, and donors for the private school (Cherokee Christian) that my father-in-law is the superintendent of. It's a HUGE undertaking and when it's over I always wonder HOW THE HECK DID WE DO THAT?!?!

Last year was the first year that we were solely responsible for the event.
Last year I was a lactating new mom with a six week old, and woke up with mastitis and a 102.5 temp the day before we were to set this year already had a leg up on last year! And I think it showed. Last year was beautiful...far exceeded my expectations...but this year? Man alive, it turned out PERFECTLY! I could not be happier and I couldn't have done it without my sister-in-law who makes my ideas come to life. If I want something hung from the ceiling, she can find someone to do it. She's the administrative brains behind our operation and I dream up the look and we make it all pretty. We are a great team.

Hours upon hours went into shopping for decor, finding caterers, renting linens, tables and chairs, ordering flowers, candles, coffee and dessert...on a tight budget. Begging, borrowing and begging some more. Crunching numbers, going to plan b because plan a just won't work. And that's just the prep.Then it's showtime! This year, set-up took me 16 hours straight (leaving for the night at 2 am). I cut over 1,000 stems of flowers, plus greenery and filler, and assembled 22 centerpieces. We had 20 hay bales brought in. We hung lattice from the ceiling and we had 6 wreathes made to hang from the lattice. We had 21 tables to set up, and 220 chairs and place settings, and 3 good friends who stayed til the end....and that's just the beginning.
After it was all set up, we went home and slept a bit, and then went back for another 10+ hours, closing up shop around 12:30am Sunday morning. Tired doesn't even BEGIN to describe how I felt yesterday. 26 hours of work in 2 days, and then it wasn't over. Yesterday I cleaned a few hundred forks and knives, as well scraping wax out of the candle holders.
Now I'm done. I'm tired.
I've been asked a lot why I do it and if I'll do it again. The answers are pretty simple. The Lord has been gracious to allow me to stay home and because I have been blessed in that way I want to serve Him and others in the ways that I can. I also do it because I love my in-laws and the jobs they are doing to serve the Lord and all those kiddo's. Yes, it's a LOT of work and no, I do not get paid for it. I'm glad to use the talents I have been given in this way, and yes, Lord willing I will do it again next year.
There ya have it! Now, I'm off to dreamland!
Keep an eye out for the pictures of the final product. I could not be more proud!


  1. i heard it was beautiful (not the word brian chose, but he's a guy) and i wish i could've been there to see it .... annnnd i still think you are insane for taking that on, but thats why i love you ;)

  2. Can't wait to see the final pics, but I know it was absolutely stunning! You are one amazing lady!

  3. I'm so gald it turned out perfectly this year!


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