Friday, September 23, 2011

That's Pinteresting!

Welcome to my new blog series: "That's Pinteresting!" I love Pinterest, but I feel like some of the things I "pin" are just too pretty or too amazing to recreate. They are just pipe dreams. But I'm on a quest to put my "pinning" into action AND try to make them look just as good as the original...or, wait for it...EVEN BETTER than the original! So here it goes...

Lemon Crinkles. That's what I decided to start with. Super simple recipe. I had the ingredients on hand. Sounded like a winner!

#1 rule for the directions. All of them. Twice and even thrice if needed!

I am notoriously poor at reading directions in general. I usually think my way is better. I could really write an entire post about this and turn it into The Gospel, but I won't--not today. Anyway, I hate directions of any kind, especially at Christmastime when certain toys need assembling. And more often than not, I go running to my mother-in-law for help, because she is GREAT at reading directions! I digress....

I started out really confident and thought I read all of the ingredients--no need to double check, because my way is best. I came to my last ingredient (sugar) dumped it in and remembered I had already added sugar, so something must not be right--and it wasn't. I was supposed to add POWDERED, I threw out that batch...

Then, I started over. Still not learning my lesson, I skipped over the directions...again, because I'm a sinner and my way is still better, and I just fixed the ingredient problem. I made my cookie dough, popped 'em in the oven and did the next logical thing: read the directions after the fact. I learned that I was NOT supposed to add the powdered sugar to the mixture, but roll the dough in the powdered sugar instead...oops.

This is what I came out with...Actually, they were wonderful! They don't look exactly like the original,
(Picture Source)
but I think they taste pretty darn good. I lucked out this time!

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  1. Haha I read the directions at least five times before I make anything. And then check and re-check multiple times while cooking/baking just to make sure because I'm so paranoid about skipping or missing something. Glad your cookies turned out good!


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