Monday, September 26, 2011

My Monday Mind Dump...

1. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but WHY when I clean the glass doors does my son get all up in my business and put his hands, face, feet or any other body part, right smack dab in the middle of the doors before I'm even finished!? WHY!??

2. This past week we decided to test out Kidd-O's immune system and we went to every germ pool in the county: The mall play area, the middle school to visit old friends, story time at the community center, and our weekly playgroup...So far, no runny noses, but my throat is feeling quite scratchy today.
3. Speaking of play group, it's way more interesting when the kids get to pet a dog head and see the goats next door.4. Ya know those times when you need to vacuum the floor, but your kid won't let you? well, I just plopped him outside for just a minute ( wasn't long) and after a slight protest......this is what happened...
5. Kidd-O is like me in MANY ways, but in one particular way he takes after his daddy. He is becoming a mini Mr. Clean and he insists on helping out with the car washing! I just hope he doesn't take after his daddy and become so detailed he starts to move slower than molasses in January for fear of missing anything!6. Well, Kidd-O is slowly adding clothes back into his life with this wretched change of seasons and now prefers to wear clothes that don't quite fit.7. Made a recipe last week that called for 6 (S.I.X) STICKS of butter and it was good.
Happy Monday. Happy Week.


  1. Kidd-O is adorable! I love the pics of him licking the window on the door! HAHA!

  2. ashley, he's too cute.....TOO CUTE!


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