Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Monday Mind Dump...On Tuesday!

1. Many of y'all know my love/hate relationship with Costco. Well, it's becoming even less fun with a toddler. I sure hope that vending machine isn't too messed up from Kidd-O shoving a plastic spoon in the change dispenser. I tried to get it out. Honest, I did!
2. How's my running going you ask? Not well. But I'll get back to it next week. Promise. This is the busiest, most important week of the year for me...more on that next week!
3. How's Gone With the Wind and my "Very Exclusive BFF Book Club" going you ask? Not well. The book club is down to one member because a certain BFF packed her book away when she moved and doesn't know where it is. That lasted all of a WEEK! But the book? Eh, it could be better. I always knew Scarlett was a terrible person, but she's even more wretched in the book. I'm hoping there will be some redeeming quality sometime soon....but if it's anything like the movie, it ain't gonna happen!

4. How's my "pinning" going you ask? It's going, now if I could actually "do" some of that stuff I've pinned it wouldn't be such a royal waste of time. And I am! I am making my second recipe from my pin board tonight.
5. We had a super fun weekend! It was one of those weekends you wish would never end. We started out at the zoo. Kidd-O had a great time and we got to see pretty much everything. It was a good day.
6. I find that the monkey folks have some serious attitude problems.7. Coolest zoo moment? Feeding the parakeets. That was really neat even though I was the person crouched on the ground in a fetal position screaming from time to time when these tiny birds would graze the top of my head...but it was still cool. 8. We ended our trip to the zoo with a not-so-private-paint-bucket-drum concert. Kidd-O loved it and even shook his groove thang in appreciation.9. DATE NIGHT, DATE NIGHT, DATE NIGHT! We had a DATE NIGHT....for the first time since Valentines Day. It was awesome. The in-law's watched Kidd-O and we hit the town! Good movie. Good dinner. Not so great service...that was a bummer. Part of me wanted to shake the lady and say "don't you know this is my first date in months?!?!?! Can't ya get your act together, girlfriend?!?!" But I didn't, I was just grateful to eat dinner with both butt cheeks on my chair, and not have to tear up food or pick it up off the floor or out of my hair. It was nice.
10. So, Labor Day came and went in the blink of an eye! Apparently, we had tornadoes ripping through these parts yesterday, but I had some things on my mind, so I wasn't too in tune to the fact that we should have probably taken cover, and yeah we heard the sirens, but it didn't really register. After the imminent threats were clear, we went puddle jumping which was the perfect end to a very exciting weekend...Don't worry people, we weren't out long, he's not gonna catch pneumonia.

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  1. Oooh, I just loved reading this tonight. I have found a brief second to return to blogging (probably won't last long!), and coming here was like arriving at an Inn with comfort food and soothing music. I loved looking at your photos and am amazed at how big with Kidd-o has gotten. Keep these posts comin' - they are a welcome break from life.


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